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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who are those guys?

If you take the quiz at Select a candidate 2008
it will tell you who you should vote for in next year's presidential election and why. Here's how mine worked out, but I'm reasonably sure this is not how I'm voting.

Mike Huckabee Score: 33
Sam Brownback Score: 33
Chris Dodd Score: 32
Mitt Romney Score: 31
Dennis Kucinich Score: 30
Rudy Giuliani Score: 27
John Edwards Score: 27
Duncan Hunter Score: 26
Barack Obama Score: 25
Hillary Clinton Score: 25
Ron Paul Score: 24
Tom Tancredo Score: 21
Fred Thompson Score: 21
Jim Gilmore Score: 19
Mike Gravel Score: 17
Joe Biden Score: 15
Bill Richardson Score: 15
John McCain Score: 14


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