The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I know what I like

Pilkingtonisms from "Guide to the Arts":

  • It’s just something for your eyes to look at (art)
  • I know my eyes will get bored of it eventually.
  • That’s what art is to me: fill in a gap that otherwise would have naught in it.
  • At the end of the day, if everyone wants one, then it’s gotta be good.
  • I haven’t got any hair to comb so I don’t look in the mirror as much as the normal person.
  • If Suzanne’s sat next to me, I tend to talk to her through the mirror.
  • There’s no neck usage going on.
  • It’s like there’s more people in the room.
  • I can see everything in that room that’s going on in there without moving my head. Stephen Hawking would be well happy.
  • If the flat’s a mess, it’s a mess twice.
  • Why is it always a yak on every wall? (cavemen paintings)
  • Why can’t they just do a full person? (statues)
  • I don’t whistle that much I think ‘cause I’m fed up most the time in London.
  • Me brain can come up with words that I don’t normally say: squirm.
  • To make the classics live on, I’m surprised someone hasn’t added to ‘em.
  • Nothing’s hard if you’re given it as a kid.
  • A hobby shouldn’t take up a whole corner of the room. (piano)
  • Just tell me what happened. I don’t want a weather forecast. (poetry)

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's only living, it don't matter at all

From the Gervais, Merchant, Pilkington e-book: "Guide to Natural History." Some of Pilkie's quotes:

  • A spider won’t be unlocking any mysteries.
  • It’s like having an old woman as a neighbor: she never goes out, she doesn’t bother you, let her be.
  • Look at the stuff that’s being invented now: the Frisbee.
  • There must’ve been some alien involved here.
  • A computer chip, where’s that come from?
  • Your eyes are what comes up with a lot of thoughts.
  • If you look half decent to the human race, they’ll take care of you.
  • Nature chucks up odd things, doesn’t it? (looking at Steve Merchant)
  • If we ate polar bears, we wouldn’t be short of ‘em… What’s a polar bear doing? Sat on a block of ice, floating about.
  • You had your day, it didn’t work out.
  • Them two should never even meet. How did that disagreement happen? (horse & frog)
  • I mean, who knows what’s gonna happen?

Monday, February 09, 2009

24: 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

24. 7.7. PM & wife are taken to the Router Building to meet Dubaku who demands they give Juma names of fellow traitors. Janis (who can live without Sean’s negativity today) somehow notices the next target might be Kidron, Ohio’s Boyd Chemical which makes insecticide. Renee enters Router & informs security she’s on official FBI business. I found it weird no one noticed her talking to herself. She helps the guys enter the building. Chloe steers them to some floor panels they can boogie on through. Janis phones the Ohio plant and speaks with John Brunner about possible breaches in the area. Are they having problems? Are they ever. Three safety vales won’t re-set. They initiate on-site emergency procedures but can’t shut down the place. The pressure builds and in 15 minutes 3,000 gallons of insecticide will be released in Kidron’s atmosphere. The workers are evacuated except Brunner who will try release the chemical in the room where he is. Although he’s wearing protective gear, he doesn’t seem confident about it.

Dubaku sees Tony & Jack and decides to attack a different location. The breach closes but Brunner doesn’t get out in time. Bummer, Brunner. Following a shootout with Dubaku’s men, PM and Wife are safe but Dubaku escapes and threatens some guy named Latham’s family. Latham must help, but for his efforts, is blown up. Mrs President is informed that First Husband is pursuing their son’s death and is missing. One of Brian Gedge’s accomplices arrives at Sam’s apartment, trapping FH. Since when can Chloe only do one thing at a time? Jack believes they need help from the government. Bill agrees and has PM call Mrs President. Tony bows out so he’s not arrested. It’s not that he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of his actions, it’s that he wants Dubaku caught first. Uh huh. Dubaku and some chick named Maria arrange a dinner date. Best line from Janis: “Normally I don’t allow people to call me honey but we can talk about that later.”