The Universe and Me

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson

Locke reveals to his group that the Chopper Gang is there for Ben. But yeah, “we kinda like knew that forever ago.” Once they have Ben, they’re ordered to kill everyone else on the island. And the spy on the boat is Michael. Locke’s not concerned with the 3 million dollar deal since there doesn’t appear to be a bank on the island but Miles know Ben gets what he wants. Ben sends Alex and Karl to the Temple sanctuary where the other Others already are. Danielle goes with. En route, Karl starts to wonder if it’s a trick and is shot. Danielle’s survival skills let her down and she’s taken out too. Aw, bummer. We liked you, you crazy French chick. Maybe the bullet hit something in her backpack. All Alex can do is surrender to the unknown.

Sayid confronts Michael who says he (Michael/Kevin) is on the boat to die. That’s not good enough. He better do some ‘splainin. When he left the island, the guilt was too much for him and he tried to kill himself by listening to Mama Cass or driving into a dumpster. Didn’t take. In the hospital, he thinks he sees Libby, but she’s an hallucination. Probably. He’s given Walt to his mother to care for and she refuses to let him see his son. He pawns Jin’s watch in exchange for a gun. This suicide attempt is interrupted by Zeke/Tom who’s keeping tabs on him and says the island won’t let him kill himself. He’s ready to try again when the 815 wreckage is shown on TV. This is the last thing he wanted to see in life? The news?) He seeks out Zeke who explains the plane wreckage was staged by Widmore so no one will find where the plane really ended up.

Zeke wants Michael to go undercover on Widmore’s freighter and as a way to redeem himself, to kill the Boat People before they kill everyone on the island. He’s unsure when he meets some of them who seem like decent sorts but then he sees a target practice and is made fun of so he opens the crate delivered to him and detonates the bomb inside. Not so fast Blofeld. A note pops up that says “Not yet.” He receives a phone call from Ben who says there are still innocent people on board and he won’t kill them. Michael’s to make a list of names and disable the radio and engines so the boat never reaches the island. Hearing this, Sayid drags him to the Captain and tells him Michael’s a traitor.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks e e

in Just-
when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame baloonman
whistles far and wee
and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's
when the world is puddle-wonderful
the queer
old baloonman whistles
far and wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing
from hop-scotch and jump-rope and
it's spring
--ee cummings

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quote for the day

"It's the kind of day that make you want to go look for a duck."

--Martin S at work

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost: Ji Yeon

Regina’s looking harried and is reading upside down. The lima beans are only part of the little problem in the ship’s kitchen. Someone slips Desmond and Sayid a note through the door that warns them not to trust the Captain. On this show, that’s a given. They hear some nonmechanical clanging. No one tries to help as Regina, weighed down by chains, jumps into the ocean. The Aussie Captain introduces himself to Desmond and Sayid. The crew has cabin fever or is too close to the island. Since a saboteur has messed up the engines, they’re stuck. He has the black box (or burnt orange, really) from 815, recovered by a salvage vessel along with the plane’s wreckage and all its passengers. One question he wants to ask Ben is where does one find 324 dead bodies to stage a fake plane crash? Desmond and Sayid are taken to a room that looks previously used for an execution or suicide, Kevin Johnson is called to mop up the blood stains. Kevin = Michael with a better haircut.

Sun decides she and Jin would fare better with Locke and asks Juliet for more prenatal vitamins. Juliet didn’t hop off the boat yesterday and warns her not to trust the other group but Sun doesn’t trust Juliet either. Juliet knows Sun has 3 weeks before an unpleasant death and tells Jin about the affair. He’s devastated until Bernard invites him fishing and says even though Rose has cancer, she’s staying with Jack’s rescue-hoping group because Locke’s a murderer. If you make bad choices, karma will make bad things happen. Guess nobody told Harold Kushner. Somehow Jin realizes he wasn’t the best of husbands and had Sun’s betrayal coming. Guess that means it’s okay for women to cheat if their husband is hotheaded and inattentive.

In the flash forwards, a heavily pregnant Sun calls for an ambulance to take her to the hospital where she has a baby daughter. Jin’s still irascible, so it’s obvious he’s in flash backs, and is out buying a panda for Mr Paik’s grandson. Hurley visits Sun and baby, asks if anyone else is expected. She says no. Way to be supportive, rest of Oceanic 6. Hurley and Sun drop by the cemetery and Jin’s grave whose headstone has a death date the same day as the plane crash. So is he really dead?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lost: The Other Woman

When Juliet arrived on the island, Ben wanted to make her feel at home, but her high profile job made her feel like the center of attention. Therapy didn’t help, possibly because her therapist, Harper, seemed mean and spiteful. It helped to meet Goodwin, who she treated for a burn on his arm whose origin her lied about. Harper, Goodwin’s wife, knows Juliet and Goodwin end up involved and warns her there will be consequences. Not from her, but from Ben. Goodwin feels, since he’s been sleeping on the couch for a year, Ben can’t do anything but when 815 crashes, Ben sends him on a mission doomed to result in death. Three weeks later at what Ben means to be a romantic dinner for two, Juliet questions keeping the kids, but their names are on the List. Now that they have everyone on the List, shouldn’t Goodwin be brought back? Ben takes Juliet to where Ana Lucia harpooned Goodwin. She realizes he arranged it. He informs Juliet that she’s his. Possessive much?

Claire asks to talk with Miles, believing he’ll find her less intimating than Locke who nixes the idea. Locke demands Ben tell him who the Boat People work for. They arrange a deal. In a hidden safe there’s a tape of Charles Widmore beating an Other he caught. The boat is his and he’s trying to find the island to exploit it. Yeah, we’ll buy that. Ben shares a dossier on Widmore. Locke asks who is Ben’s man on the boat. He should sit down for the answer, which is given off screen, thank you very much.

After Charlotte and Dan head off into the jungle, Harper appears to Juliet with a message from Ben. The two are headed towards the Tempest, an electrical station that powers the island. All inhabitants will die if they reach it. Ben wants Juliet to kill them. Kate stumbles on Charlotte and Dan and for her troubles is lied to, then bonked over the head. The J’s find her. The gas masks in Dan’s bag concerned her and make Juliet high tail it to the Tempest where there’s one minute until contamination. Dan insists he’s trying to render the gas inert so Ben can’t use it against them like he used it in the past. Juliet knows if they wage war against, Ben, he’ll win. Ben also knows her feelings about Jack, which don’t make his future look uneventful. Best line: “She seemed kind of hostile, even for a therapist.”

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lost: The Constant

Flying to the boat in the chopper, Desmond expects answers. We had a good laugh over that one. A storm or turbulence disorients him. Upon landing, he’s taken to sick bay where Dr McCoy hypos him. No, wrong show. In the next bunk is the former communications officer, Uhuru, or George, who was taking calls except for those he was ordered not to: the ones from Penny. Two days previous someone sabotaged the equipment and they lost communications. Sayid works on a patch while George, suffering from a more advanced case of whatever Des has, dies. Sayid rigs up a phone so Des can call Pen. She’s been looking for him for 3 years, knows about the island, spoke to Charlie. And Desmond’s memory is jogged.

During this mess, Juliet wonders why Charlotte isn’t worried they lost contact with the chopper. It’s complicated but if Dan talks real slow, they may be able to follow. There are side effects to leaving the island. Their perception of time isn’t correct. Electromagnetic exposure could cause confusion. Dan talks to Des (while he was in sick bay in paragraph one) and makes sure he goes to Queen’s College in Oxford in the past to find him working there as a professor.

In the time travels, Des returns to his unpleasant army stint. He has two days leave and wants to see Pen but broke up with her and she’s moved. He finds Dan at Oxford and says, “I think I’ve just been to the future.” Dan suspects a prank but Des knows about Eloise. She’s the lab rat who expertly finds her way through a maze that Dan teaches her in an hour. Time travel, though, causes her death, probably because she has no anchor, something familiar in both times. Des figures he’ll use Pen as his anchor but her number has been disconnected. He finds her father at an auction where bids are taken on the Black Rock’s first mate’s journal and gets Pen’s address. She’s trying to make a clean break but he in eight years he’ll need to call her and memorizes her number and we’re back to paragraph one. Best line from an internet viewer: “The one constant is that every Desmond episode rocks!”