The Universe and Me

Monday, April 27, 2009

Citizens of hope and glory

Some of Karl’s quotes from Ricky Gervais’ Guide to the English.

  • Being old isn’t great, is it?
  • I suppose I was happiest in 1984.
  • I could frown before I could walk.
  • Me eyes moved about more than I did.
  • Me Mum tried to send me to nursery. I said, no, I’m not having this.
  • I was a late comer to pasta… There isn’t really anything like that in England.
  • There was a fellow called Shorts Man.
  • I’m being bombarded by everyone else’s hassle.
  • It’s like grabbing a slug… Have you ever tried to grab a tongue?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

24 : 1 a.m. - 2 a.m.

24. 7.18. Mrs President pulls out Tony and Company. Starkwood has surface to surface missiles in an underground depot next to the bioweapon storage. Who doesn’t? Tony has C4 on him. Again, who doesn’t? Jack demands Mrs President tell him the truth. Jonas wants a face to face meeting and she plans to make him realize the futility of his actions. Oh so naïve. Mrs President tells Jack she expects him to do what he thinks is right. He takes it as a cue for him and Renee to go covert. Jonas claims he didn’t know what Juma was up to and Starkwood should be allowed to protect the country. He wants to have level 6 access to classified material. Mrs President refuses to debate since he’s threatening to kill thousands.

The gang at Starkwood discover a government breech which is their cue to start the launch sequence. Tony fights with some guy which results in the bioweapon facility being destroyed. The presidential meeting is interrupted with the news. Mrs P wants Jonas and flunky Greg taken into custody. He warns her that it doesn’t end with him. Jack asks to have Tony cleared. Renee brings in Kim since she might have compatible stem cells. Jack’s furious but Renee explains Kim was at the Senate hearing in the morning and has been trying to see him all day. Kim regrets pushing him away but Jack believes the treatment’s small risk to her is too great. Aw. The Starkwood dude who was so keen on the launch has a canister of the bioweapon. He overpowers an FBI agent and flees. At a roadblock on Highway 42, Larry is hit. Tony, apologizing as he does so, finishes him off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

24 : 12 a.m. - 1 a.m.

24. 7.17. There are hostiles on all sides. Jonas insists weapons don’t exist in the building and the FBI has five minutes to get off the base. Since things are out of control, Jack calls Chairman Knowles who was cooperating with Mayer. What’s a prion variant? Anyway, an impromptu fist fight helps Tony and Knowles slip by unnoticed. The FBI feeds them numbers they need for entry. Knowles bolts and is discovered by one of Jonas’s people and taken to his office. Tony gets in. Jack’s symptoms begin. An air strike is ready for when the weapons are located. Olivia’s news guy, Ken, threatens to say she’s responsible for the chief of staff leaving and a source saw the WMD hijacked. The story would create panic. He’s willing to have her convince him to kill the story but even after she takes one for the team, he says he plans to run it anyway.

Jack will be injected with pandopamine or similar every two hours to mask his symptoms. There are experimental studies including possible treatment using stem cells from a family member. Jack won’t let them contact Kim. Tony has a visual and sends the picture for verification. The canisters are being transferred to a delivery system. Jonas questions Knowles about his snooping. He says he saw the FBI raid. They can’t take on the federal government. Jonas, having a different opinion, kills him. A squad of F18’s is headed for Starkwood. Olivia tells Ken if he runs the story or tries to blackmail her, she will use the cleverly recorded videotape of their tryst. Jonas has a proprietary line to Mrs President. Three missiles are loaded with the pathogen and aimed at cities. She has thirty seconds to abort the air strike. Best line we all want to ask the writers: “Who dreamed up this charade?”

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

24 : 11 p.m. - 12 a.m.

24. 7.16. They need Jack to get undressed. Been waiting seven seasons for that! In case we’re not worried enough about his fate, they show us horror films of what happened to the Sengala villagers who were exposed to same bioweapon. Jonas is getting ready to deploy. Tony won’t admit to knowing anything. Larry and Mrs President finally realize Starkwood framed Jack, were behind the day’s attacks, and worked with Juma. Renee debriefs Jack. One of the bad guys is about to kill Tony but is shot by another bad guy, Greg Seaton, who claims he needs help to stop Jonas. He refuses to spend his life in prison because Jonas has lost his mind. If granted immunity, he’ll show Tony where the weapons are located. They can set up a secure land line in his office. And this is where I fell asleep.

Jack’s blood work is positive. He’s infected. The disease isn’t contagious but there’s no cure. Tony calls the FBI. Greg wants a deal. Mrs President will be consulted. Greg takes Tony to the warehouse on the northeast part of the Starkwood compound. Jack wants to go, but they can’t risk his symptoms starting while he’s in the field. The FBI arrives at the compound with an executive order to search the building but the weapons aren’t there. Greg says Tony threatened to kill him so he told him what he wanted to know. Jonas is glad Greg bought them some time. The FBI plans to keep looking but Starkwood people ask them to leave. They’re on private property and Starkwood is prepared to defend itself. Best line: “Know the psychology of your subject. That’s in our manual.”

Monday, April 06, 2009

and the hubcaps all gleam

Drop by Walkscore and enter your home address. It will calculate how walk friendly your neighborhood may or may not be. Mine is 48 out of a possible 100, meaning I need a car. Here's the distance to some place they think I need to go:

Grocery Stores
0.36 Mi
Kwik Fill-Services
0.45 Mi
Fresh Cut Meats & M
0.63 Mi
Farm Fresh Foods
0.64 Mi
Lake County Dairy
0.7 Mi
Rite Aid
0.77 Mi
Gokey Mini Market
0.83 Mi
5th Street Sunoco
0.9 Mi
Kwik Fill-Services
0.45 Mi
Fresh Cut Meats & M
0.63 Mi
Fisher's Family Res
0.66 Mi
0.69 Mi
Ironstone Restauran
0.7 Mi
Friendly Restaurant
0.7 Mi
Tim Hortons
0.74 Mi
Golden Griddle Fami
0.86 Mi
Mac Duff's Restaura
Coffee Shops
0.7 Mi
Tim Hortons
0.86 Mi
0.87 Mi
Labyrinth Press Com
0.91 Mi
Stedman Corner Coff
1.82 Mi
Coffee Cup
2.31 Mi
2.7 Mi
Tim Hortons
2.82 Mi
Dunkin' Donuts
Movie Theaters
0.79 Mi
Lucille Ball Little
0.83 Mi
Crown Theater & Ban
0.85 Mi
Chautauqua Cinema
0.87 Mi
Reg Lenna Civic Cen
2.05 Mi
Park 60 Drive-In
2.86 Mi
Cinema I & II Theat
4.06 Mi
Lakewood Cinema 6
13.68 Mi
Chautauqua Cinema
0.4 Mi
DeMarco Sisters Sch
0.48 Mi
Lincoln Elementary
0.51 Mi
Holy Trinity Luther
0.52 Mi
Milton J Fletcher E
0.6 Mi
Hillcrest Christian
Parks & R
0.6 Mi
Fenton Park
0.73 Mi
Baker Park
1.36 Mi
Nordstrom Park
0.62 Mi
Fenton History Cent
0.87 Mi
0.9 Mi
WCA Health Sciences
3.13 Mi
Fluvanna Free Libra
3.34 Mi
Falconer Public Lib
3.8 Mi
Hazeltine Public Li
4.21 Mi
Lakewood Memorial L
6.5 Mi
Ashville Free Libra
0.69 Mi
Chautauqua Comics
0.82 Mi
Christian Treasures
0.82 Mi
Paperback Exchange
1.05 Mi
Book Outlet
2.69 Mi
13.9 Mi
CLSC Veranda
13.91 Mi
Barbara Berry's Boo
14.07 Mi
Chautauqua Bookstor
Drug Stores
0.63 Mi
Quality Markets: Ph
0.7 Mi
Rite Aid
0.7 Mi
CVS Pharmacy: Store
0.71 Mi
0.8 Mi
Resource Center
0.99 Mi
Parmed Pharmaceutic
1.13 Mi
Hardware Stores
0.6 Mi
Chautauqua Brick Co
0.6 Mi
Nelson Brothers Lum
0.63 Mi
Southern Tier Wood
0.73 Mi
Holmlund's Wallpape
1.21 Mi
Astry Bob Hardware
2.42 Mi
Home Depot
2.48 Mi
Clothing & Music
0.75 Mi
Bag Babe The
0.77 Mi
Lander's Men's Stor
0.79 Mi
Top Hat N Tails
0.81 Mi
0.83 Mi
Suburban Blend
0.87 Mi
Townhouse Records a
0.87 Mi
Labyrinth Press Com