The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

24 : 4 - 5 p.m.

24. 6.11. Okay, the intense whispering is way out of control. Do I have to put the closed-captioning on? I’m sure I missed half of what was said. Or whispered. President Wayne is arranging for Assad to make a global appeal to extremists to put down their arms. Jack somehow got himself to an airport and asks CTU to give him a helicopter so he can bop over to Logan’s retreat in Hidden Valley. Logan’s under house arrest there but the public doesn’t know it. Tom’s learning the wonders of duct tape. Reed’s cohort, whose name I have yet to catch, wants to kill Tom and make it look like a suicide. Reed’s sure he can keep Tom quiet. Besides, they’re not cold blooded murderers. They just want to blow up Wayne. Morris’s work appears to be suffering. “He’s been tortured. Maybe he should be pulled.” You think? Chloe leaves a message for his sponsor, Jeanne.

Logan’s sources have kept him up to speed on the current situation. He’s reconnected to his faith and changed. He’ll help without a pardon or any conditions by talking to Gredenko’s liaison, Markov, who he knows from the previous conspiracy. Jack asks Wayne for a temporary furlough for Logan. Since this “may not be the same man you hated for so long,” Wayne grants it. Morris’s data merge is incomplete. He prefers to think of it as irrelevant. Try that one at work. Jack and Logan dress up for the Oscars. No, wrong night. In his spare time Logan’s been highlighting passages in the Psalms. Jeanne returns Chloe’s call. She hasn’t talked with Morris for two years. Chloe finds him in the men’s room. He says Ted is his sponsor now and Chloe’s showing signs of obsession, not worry.

After she leaves the men’s room, Morris pours the remaining scotch down the drain which seems like a good sign. Reed has the bomb detonator. I don’t know what Tom was trying to do by moving some pressure gauge with his feet, but it didn’t work. As Assad is about to give his speech, he notices something dripping from the podium. Yeah, that can’t be right. He yells that it’s a bomb and tries to leap out of the way but, in the hour’s only excitement, the podium explodes. Everyone in the room, including President Wayne, is injured. Someone calls for a medical team. Line of the hour: “I’ll be glad when we no longer have to deal with this man.”

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More than this

Stolen from Kristín who stole it from a Parisienne blog :
1. Someone knocks at your door at two in the morning. Who would you want it to be? My ex, but the odds are not slim, they are none.
2. Your boss says he/she will give you a pay raise if ..? Ha ha ha ha
3. The essence of you? Intelligent but reserved.
4. Have you seen a ghost? At least once. Heard them many times.
5. Happy with your body? No, not at all. Never have been, never will be.
6. I would move to America if...: Already there/here. Was born here but have been known to curse the Kaiser for forcing my great-grandparents to leave Sweden.
7. A place you have lived in and miss: Massachusetts
8. A job you would never take, no matter how much you'd be paid: Quite a lot of them. I'm not very adventurous or business minded or money obsessed.
9. A band you found cool when you were 13: Queen.
10. You wake up after a bad nightmare. Who would you call? No one.
11. Do you want children before thirty? Since I'm past 30, I'll say I did. Once past 30, not so much.
12. The strongest memory from college: When the entire homecoming court was killed in a car accident.
13. Ever been in love with a friend's spouse? No.
14. The greatest prank you have played on a coworker? We don't play pranks on each other at work.
15. Are you more like your mother or father? Father. No doubt about that. Can't count the times I've said something to my Mom and she'll tell me, "Your father said the exact same thing just this morning." Scary.
16. Something you've always wanted to learn: Proficiency in foregin languages, rather than just a smattering of Icelandic and Swedish.
17. Still in contact with an ex? One, yes. Thankfully.
18. Where would you want to be in 10 years time: Alive?
19. Anything you've learned about yourself in the past year (2006): That I'm not as bad as everyone, especially myself, thinks.
20. What do you want for your birthday? Nothing special.
21. Name three things you did today? I've only been up for half an hour, so all I've done is clean the cat box.
22. The last thing you bought for yourself? A purple sweater.
23. Do you have anything dangling from the rear view mirror of your car? No
24. What did you have for breakfast? I will have an apple & cinnamon pop tart.
25. Who of your friends or acquaintances has the most tattoes: I only know of a few relatives of a sister who have tattoos.
26. How many hours sleep do you normally need? 7 or 8
27. Ever been tied up? No.
28. What would you rather have been doing right this moment? Nothing printable.
29. What is the first name in your address book? My aunt.
30. When did you last witness a fight? Nothing since my nieces were little and would say "Yes!" when they'd rubmle I'd ask them, "Is this how ladies behave?"
31. What was the last alcoholic beverage you had? Glass of wine.
32. Do you like having your hair pulled? No.
33. Name three places you'd like to travel to: Iceland, Sweden, did I say Iceland?
34. Are you good at skating? No. Too uncoordinated.
35. What is your opinion about BRAD PITT? He's mighty good looking. I don't know him personally.
36. What colour are your toenails? I don't paint them, so clear.
37. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My mother. Or Anne from work who called my department with a question.
38. Do you have anything picturing a skull? Not unless it's cleansers with warning labels.
39. Have you travelled a lot within your country? Been to NYC, Mass, PA, Washington DC, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.
40. The last movie you watched? Fast Food Nation, last night.
41. Where were you when you received the first kiss? School cafeteria.
42. The last card game you played? Solitaire.
43. Have you had a blackeye? Smashed my face sledding as a kid.
44. What video rental do regularly you use? The library!
45. Do you wear tights? No.
46. Do you know someone who is doing time? No, but there's one who should be.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost : Stranger in a Strange Land

Lost. 3.9. Not a very interesting flashback. To me, anyway. That might be because I’m not a Jack fan. I don’t consider him a “likable guy” like he considers himself. And that’s why. Our egotistical hero is vacationing in Phuket where he meets a girl who helps him fly a kite. She has a gift but one she doesn’t think she should share. Turns out she’s a tattoo artist. She sees who people are and marks them according to her definition, not decoration. Jack demands his personal tattoo. Afterwards he’s beat up by some previously friendly guys at the beach and told to leave the country.

Show me the way to go home. Kate doesn’t want to leave Jack behind. Sawyer does. Carl’s blabbering brainwashing mantras. Thanks for the input. After they return to the main island, Carl goes off crying. Sawyer wishes he’d cowboy up instead of being like Bobby from The Brady Bunch. Carl’s never heard of The Brady Bunch. That can’t be good. He mentions they only work on the small island. They live on the main island. And they gave the children a better life than the Lostaways. He’s convinced they’ll kill him if he’s caught. Sawyer still urges him to go after Alex.

Tom asks Jack “What kind of people do you think we are?” And the answer would be: psychos. Maybe he should give Jack some stones to throw in his glass house. Jack’s taken out of the aquarium so Juliet can be brought in. He’s taken to Sawyer’s cage but doesn’t care to figure out the fish biscuit. The sheriff, Isabelle, who doesn’t like coming to the little island, reads tattoos (and apparently Chinese) and finds Jack's ironic. Juliet is escorted to inform Jack that Ben’s stitches are infected, his vitals low and he has a fever. Jack refuses to help.

During interrogation, Isabelle wants to clear up some inconsistencies. Such as, did Juliet ask Jack to kill Ben? Jack says he lied to create chaos to help his friends escape. He asks to return to his cage where Others drop by to watch him. Cindy and two of the kids are in the group. Jack shoos them away. Alex appears and asks him to speak with Ben. Jack wonders why they don’t have a surgeon in the group. But they did. Ethan. Ben writes Isabelle a note that commutes Juliet’s sentence. Execution is off the table. Juliet’s branded on her back, where no one can see it. And the Others decide to return to the main island. Poor Tom had to hold the umbrella over Ben. Line of the episode, Sawyer’s: “Well, ain’t that quaint?”

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

24 : 3 - 4 p.m.

24. 6.10. Marilyn and Milo are pursued by hostiles. Papa Bauer wants Marilyn taken alive so she can give him Gredenko’s address. Milo is winged. Just as he’s about to buy the industrial park, Jack picks off the guy about to kill him. Another Minion threatens to kill Marilyn but Jack’s sure if he wanted to, she’d be dead by now. Jack must have taken some medical courses in China because just by examining Milo’s arm, he knows the wound isn’t fatal. Concerned Marilyn tipped off Gredenko, he pushes her until she says it was his father, not Susan, that called her in the car. Man, I hate her lipstick. Marilyn’s, not Susan’s. “How could I have been so stupid?” Jack wonders aloud. He’s asking people who watch this show?

Morris takes a walk to collect himself or buy a pint of whiskey but has second thoughts before it’s down. Luckily he remembered Altoids. He should have chosen vodka, because Chloe’s superior senses can smell the whiskey through the Altoids. Jack plans to force his father’s hand. Remaining Minion will call and have Marilyn say she won’t give the location unless she sees Josh. Crazy Papa thinks they can rebuild whatever’s left of the family. Josh hears Grandpapa say he’ll kill him and decides it’s time to go for a soda. Grandpapa stops him. No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything he’s built, whatever that is. In the presidential bunker, Tom’s buddy wants to get a security specialist inside to carry the ball and/or make it look like Assad kills President Wayne. When Tom has second thoughts, he’s bonked on the head a couple times so the issue is resolved.

A team sweeps the real Russia House but no one’s there. Jack, Marilyn and Minion arrive at the hotel. I’m sure I saw the door was already open, but Jack seemed to have missed it. No one’s around but the phone rings. Papa Bauer’s across the way, holding Josh at gunpoint. Jack tries to convince him there’s no legacy or empire and it would be best to make a deal with the government but he knows immunity is impossible at this point. He’ll surrender Josh in exchange for Jack. Gredenko found out about Papa Bauer’s role in President Palmer’s assassination and blackmailed him. He’s also miffed Jack became a civil servant (aka federal agent) and turned his back on the Bauer family by going his own way. Jack says he’s sorry. Weirdly, Papa leaves, and leaves Jack a phone number to call. On the line is former Pres Logan. Line of the hour, Chloe’s: “I don’t have to believe him, I was married to him.”

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The NHLer test

NHL skill: 74%
This means you're: career 2nd liner
What does it mean?
You're a good player with enough skill to play big minutes but are very inconsistent and streaky. You can go 5 games without a point then light the lamp in the next 5. You have to earn most of your goals by playing "dirty" down low and you are still prone to mental mistakes and some improvement can still be made to your game.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lost : Flashes before your eyes

Lost. 3.8. Locke and Company inform Hurley and Charlie, in hopes that they’ll keep everyone else calm, the island killed Eko. Desmond isn’t calm. He runs to the beach, strips off his shirt (thank you very much) and dives in the water. So how did the Bearded Wonder know Claire was drowning? Hurley believes, “That guy sees the future, dude.” Charlie isn’t convinced because it doesn’t seem like Des would have ended up in the hatch, then. They decide Sawyer’s McCutcheon whiskey will help him talk. Des says he heard Claire calling for help a mile away. That’s good hearing. Funny he also knew about and averted the lightning strike. Charlie calls him a coward and they scuffle.

When the hatch exploded, Desmond either dreamed or hallucinated or time travelled back to his apartment when he fell off a ladder while painting the ceiling an ugly red. Penny’s moving in and securing a job with her father for him. The microwave beeping sounds like the hatch countdown warning. Des notices the numbers all over the place but pulls himself and his concussion together to ask Pen’s father about marrying her. We learn that Des worked as a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Mr Widmore’s foundation is sponsoring a race around the world. Unfortunately, Widmore doesn’t think Des is worth a dram of McCutcheon whiskey, or his daughter. Furious, Des heads out to the street where Charlie is performing “Wonderwall.” Since Des is acting weird, saying he knows Charlie from the island and such, Charlie utters the line of the episode: “This is why we don’t do drugs.” And then it rained.

Talking with a friend in a pub, Des tries to figure out if he went back in time and is living his life over again. But his future memories don’t work out right. Off he goes shopping for an engagement ring where he annoys the woman clerk. She informs him that he’s supposed to have second thoughts, break Pen’s heart and enter the race. If he doesn’t, they all die. Pointing out a man in red shoes who eventually snuffs it under some fallen scaffolding, she explains that if she had saved him, the universe would correct her action and he would die some other way or day since he was supposed to. Free will doesn’t exist. Desmond ends up accepting this, unlike his namesake.

Des and Pen have their picture taken with the marina background. He can’t afford the five pounds to pay for the photograph and tells Pen it’s over. He can’t look after her and they’re not supposed to be together. Back in the pub that night, the soccer game turns out right. Des was just off by a day. And Jimmy Lennon walks in to smash the bartender with a cricket bat but Des steps in the way and is hit himself. The bartender’s eventual fate remains unknown because Des wakes on the island after the hatch explosion which made his life flash before his eyes but the flashes didn’t stop. And he’s not trying to save Claire. He’s trying to save Charlie who, now that we think about it, has had many close calls. But Des thinks no matter how many times he’s successful, the universe will course correct and Charlie will die. Probably when Sawyer returns and finds out he ransacked his stash.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

24 : 2 - 3 p.m.

24. 6.9. The previous hour was such non-stop action that this one was a snoozefest in comparison. And Kiefer’s infectious habit of intense whispering seems to have spread to most of the cast. I’m sure I missed a lot of dialogue. Milo finds an e-mail fragment with a link to Gredenko who is no longer in Moscow, but on the west coast, probably in or near Los Angeles. Here’s where Jack tenderly touch Chloe’s arm. Awww. In CTU’s morgue, Papa Bauer is busy deleting phone messages from his dead son’s cell. Jack asks him about a Russian liaison but Papa says Gray oversaw the project and dealt with Gredenko. He can call the company executives to see if they know anything. Instead he warns someone (possibly named Carter?) to find Gredenko and kill him.

Jack is informed the drug used during Gray’s interrogation caused his death. Bill offers to cover up Jack’s exceeding protocol and losing control, but Jack’s prepared to accept any consequences for his actions. Marilyn doesn’t blame Jack for Gray’s death. In fact, she’s been trying for years to leave her toad of a husband but he threatened to take Josh away from her. One night, hoping she could find some leverage on him, she followed him to a house in West LA where she heard Russian accents. Could she find the house again? She could try. Hearing this plan, Papa Bauer offers to take Josh for quality grandparenting. Before that, he calls his crew to set up a fake house in West LA.

Vice President Daniels, while not directly involved, will help enact Tom’s agenda. Tom and cohort Reed whisper a lot about conduits and architects and itineraries. Morris is in sick bay kicking himself for being a coward. Chloe utters the line of the hour with: “I know you’ve been through a lot today but you’re really starting to piss me off.” She orders him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back to work. Out searching for the Russia House, Marilyn receives a call from Papa. Unless she calls him Susan and directs Jack to the address he provides, he’ll kill Josh like he killed Gray. Ah, the family that kills together… The CTU tact team storm the house she points out. Jack spots a bomb and leaps to safety through a window while Milo and Marilyn are chased by Papa’s men.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

24 : 1 - 2 p.m.

24. 6.8. Between hours, Jack found a helicopter and is in it, searching for Aussie’s car. Chloe’s too distraught to pull up a satellite. Milo relieves her. Bill informs Jack of Gray’s death which appears to be from cardiac arrest. Jack doesn’t seem heartbroken. CTU finds Aussie headed west but he realizes they’ve spotted him. Could it be from the noise of the helicopter? Talk about obvious. Stupidly, he tells Meg Ryan they aren’t aware of her existence. At the 110 Interchange, they switch vehicles. Then they switch drivers as Meg shoots Aussie and kicks him out of the silver pickup into the street. Morris thinks he’s saved but she still plans to deliver him to Fayed. That way she alone wins the 7 million.

Weasel Tom is pouting because President Wayne is putting forth his own agenda. The nerve. Wayne wants Assad to lead a peace mission and make a statement now. What follows is a lot of intimating from Tom’s treasonous cohort Reed about finding a way to secure power for the more agreeable Vice President. Jack finds Aussie’s body and a phone whose data he magically uploads to CTU. Chloe pulls herself together and traces a call to an apartment building. Yes, we have a perimeter. And a staging area. Fayed says he’ll give Meg her money when Morris completes the task of modifying the device so it can reprogram the 4 remaining bombs. To ferret out the 215 people in the building, they use the emergency service grid to trigger a fire alarm. Fayed doesn’t fall for that old trick. He’s busy torturing Morris with a power drill to make him comply. Meg’s had enough. Forget the money, she wants out. Fayed is happy to shoot her and put her out of her misery.

Three apartments remain occupied. Jack surmises he doesn’t have to worry about the woman in the wheelchair or the man with a criminal record. He and team storm in the last apartment and shoot up the place. Once the smoke clears, Morris is okay but Fayed is nowhere. Jack finds a suitcase in the bathroom which is where everyone should keep their bomb. Chloe mentions a failsafe device that prevented forced entry. Somehow she knows the get around and talks Jack through which gears and wires and switches to move so the bomb is disarmed. Turns out, there was a secret wall in a closet leading to the basement and that’s how Fayed escaped. He may be slippery, but he’s still not as cool as Marwan. Morris informs Jack that Fayed has the reprogramming device. Clearly Morris wasn’t watching the exchange with Desmond last season. “You gave him something that worked?” Jack berates. Line of the hour is Chloe’s: “Get away from me, there’s not a problem.”

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lost - Not in Portland

Lost. 3.7. In the flashback, Juliet injected some of the mysterious vial drug into her sister Rachel who lives in Miami Beach. The scarf around Rachel’s head made us think it was because of some cancer. Juliet was apparently engaging in employee theft, as she stole the vials from the laboratory where she worked with her former husband, Edmund Burke. Coincidence both their names are Shakespeare characters? Probably. Her research was either genius or ethically criminal. Somehow a Portland-based company named Mittelos found out about her impregnated male mouse and tried to recruit her. Only if Edmund’s hit by a bus, she said. Seriously, she’s not a leader, she’s a mess.

Eventually Rachel shared the good news that she was pregnant. From Juliet’s injections, we guess. When Juliet told Ed, he stupidly stood out in the middle of the street where a speeding bus hit him. When Mr Alpert from Mittelos showed up to offer condolences, complete with tissue-carrying Ethan, Juliet suspected he was responsible for the bus. He didn’t remember her mentioning any bus. All he wanted was for her to work with them for six months. But not quite in Portland. Juliet probably agreed because he seemed to know all about her sister. Six months quickly turned into three years, two months and 28 days. Not that she’s counting.

On the island, Juliet orders some Others to find Kate and Sawyer and bring them back, or kill them. Whichever. Ben’s anesthesia wears off and he wakes and asks to speak with Juliet alone. Whatever he says makes her change her mind and agree to help Kate and Sawyer escape if Jack will finish the surgery. For their part, Kate and Sawyer need a boat. And a buffet lunch. As Danny and cohorts shoot at them, Alex/Sheena conveniently appears with her trusty slingshot and hides them. She’ll give them her boat if they help her rescue her boyfriend. Wait a second. She has a boat? Has she ever taken that boat to the main island and run into her mother?

The kids scamper off to a hatch where the guard is reading A Brief History of Time. They overpower him with the Wookie Prisoner Gag and find Carl in Room 23. Or his own personal A Clockwork Orange. They hurry to the beach but not quick enough. Danny finds them and is ready to shoot Sawyer. Before he can, Juliet kills him. She reminds Alex she must stay on the island so that Ben will let Carl live. Jack, finishing surgery, warns Kate not to return for him, like that’s going to make a difference. Juliet tells Jack that Ben promised she could go home if she allowed Kate and Sawyer to escape. And she believed this lunatic?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

24 : 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

24. 6.7. Karen reassigns herself to CTU. Jack and Papa Bauer are taken to a quickly and freshly dug grave where of course they overpower their guards. Jack has CTU set up a perimeter around Gray’s house with orders to take him alive. Jack and Papa arrive at the scene in seconds & Jack storms in, eager for another chance to torture his brother. Family togetherness. Can’t beat it. Jack has Marilyn & Josh Boy taken to CTU. Are Marilyn’s eyes freakishly pale? She looks like an alien to me. I’m just saying. Aussie McCarthy has found an engineer but not someone who will work willingly with Fayed. He sends a file on the possible engineer which, together with his phone call, is intercepted by our gal Chloe. Morris sets to work on recovering the image file even though a message comes in that his brother is in critical condition, having been in the Valencia blast.

CTU torture guy helps Jack inject a neuro-inflammatory. Gray insists he doesn’t know how to find McCarthy. Eventually he admits to arranging the deaths of Jack’s pals at CTU to lure him out of hiding. And that wasn’t the first time he tried to have Jack killed. The motive seemed to be because Gray loves his country. Count me confused. Raising these two brothers must have been Dr Spock’s worst nightmare. In the boring subplot Saundra appears to now be concerned that Walid’s attackers need legal protection. Tom takes his 1066 Executive Order to the VP who’s creepily all for it. But President Wayne won’t endorse any detention centers. The Constitution is always valid and we can’t be governed by fear. Or some such speech.

Chloe finishes up working on the engineer image which turns out to be Morris himself. He just left for the hospital. Chloe reaches him on the phone and alerts him that the brother in the blast was a ruse. Unfortunately Morris doesn’t have time to escape from McCarthy’s clutches and he’s whisked away by gunpoint. Gray feels quite proud of himself that Jack was distracted from what’s really going on by his confession about the past. He’s certain he can hold any mud. We’re not sure what he means by that but Papa Bauer isn’t convinced. He kills Gray, then tells the remaining CTU guys Gray had a seizure and it’s their fault. Line of the hour: “I’ve seen what happens when you try to protect people.”

Sunday, February 04, 2007

With all due respect

Movie: Scoop. It's been a while since I've seen a Woody Allen movie I enjoyed, so I wanted to be sure to mention this one. It's no Hannah and her Sisters, but it was cute and funny. Sort of the antithesis of Match Point which, though well filmed, grew more disturbing as the film went on, culminating in the killer getting away with his crime. Scoop concerns two bumbling Americans in London, an often ditzy journalism student and a neurotic vaudeville magician, who try to figure out the identity of a serial killer. While there are plenty of plotholes and the movie definitely isn't a staggering work of any form of genius, it is entertaining and fun.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quote for the season

"I was enjoying winter until it actually arrived."
--my friend Becky

Yesterday, in a dramatic role reversal, the groundhog did not see his shadow. I'm guessing this means spring will arrive in five and a half weeks instead of six.

Friday, February 02, 2007

íslensku tónlistarverðlaunanna 2006

The Icelandic Music Awards for 2006 went like this:

Lag og texti ársins (song and lyrics) - Ghostigital: Not Clean
Flytjandi ársins - Björgvin Halldórsson
Popp Hljómplata ársins - Hafdís Huld: Dirty Paper Cup
Dægurtónlist Hljómplata ársins - Baggalútur: Aparnir í Eden
Rokk & jaðar Hljómplata ársins - Pétur Ben: Wine for my Weakness
Ýmis tónlist Hljómplata ársins - Skúli Sverrisson: Sería
Söngvari ársins (male singer of the year) - Bubbi Morthens
Söngkona ársins (female singer of the year) - Lay Low

ÖNNUR VERÐLAUN (other awards):
Myndband ársins (video) - Trabant: The One
Plötuumslag ársins - Lay Low: Please Don´t Hate Me
Bjartasta vonin (brightest hope) - Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir, fiðluleikari

Thursday, February 01, 2007

24 : 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

24. 6.6. The writers must have gone out for lunch. Most of this hour concerned Weasel boy Tom’s efforts to make Karen resign. Yawn. He did have some good lines, including “Why don’t you just hop a shuttle over to the Justice Department?” and “She’s gone from being an irritant to an obstacle.” Turns out 14 months ago, Bill had Fayed (and some other cohorts) detained at CTU but there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him. Karen kept the info under her hat or somewhere. And for it to stay there, she either has to join Wrestlemania or resign. She resigns. Will she bounce over to CTU now? They could use more help. Nadia’s been racially profiled which is making her even crankier and her processor extremely slow. Eventually Milo logs in her computer under his user id. Everybody say uh oh.

Unfortunately Jack stops suffocating his brother. What fun they must have had as children. Gray explains Dad is trying to clean up a mess he (Gray) created by dealing with Gredenko, who was an independent munitions contractor with excellent references. Recycling bombs into energy sounds too noble for Gray. We suspect there’s plenty he’s not saying. Jack takes him to McCarthy the Aussie’s office in Simi Valley. Meanwhile Aussie McCarthy is still trying to find help and it isn’t Meg Ryan. Her negativity is not what he needs right now. “This isn’t some easy one stop shopping.” In the boring subplot Walid (every time they say his name, I think they’re saying Wowee) learns one of the inmates carries a cell phone. He steals it so Chloe can untangle the numbers but is beaten to a pulp for his efforts. Civilian down indeed.

The phone has a browser which leads Chloe to a web page with information on the nukes. She concludes the inmates are merely spectators in today’s game. Over in Simi Valley, Jack and brother learn Aussie McCarthy is somehow electronically shredding info and deleting files. Jack hears someone in the building and is hit from behind by men seemingly employed by Papa Bauer/Stretch Cunningham/George from Six Feet Under. He’s trying to find McCarthy so no one will know Gray didn’t report the stolen nukes. Probably. In a dramatic turn of events, Gray takes over and lays his cards on the table. He’s really in charge and takes Jack and Stretch prisoner.