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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost: the shape of things to come

Jack’s not feeling too spiffy. He thinks it’s just a bug. Let’s all laugh. The Beach Group find a drowned man who didn’t down since his throat was cut. Dan identifies him as the freighter’s doctor, who was fine when last he saw him, although “when is kind of a relative term.” Somehow Bernard knows Morse code and figures out Dan and the Boat People are never going to take them off the island. Meanwhile Alex is taken by said Boat People to the security fence and told to deactivate it.

Hurley, Sawyer and Locke are playing Risk and it’s probably not a coincidence that “Australia is the key to the whole game.” The phone rings with code 14J, obviously for Ben, not pizza. The code was Alex’s warning that the Boat People are on their way. Ben thinks Locke should stick close to him because they won’t hurt him and Locke needs to survive so they can go to Jacob. Hurley needs to survive because he knows where the cabin is. Sawyer makes a mad dash to get Claire and is ambushed. Claire’s house blows up but she’s alive. Miles ends up at Ben’s door. The Boat People have Alex hostage. Formalities are dispensed with. They refuse to fly away and forget they ever heard of the island. Ben claims Alex means nothing to him so the Boat People kill her. And more of a surprise, I felt sorry for Ben. Rules should never be changed mid game. No goal!

Ben quickly heads into some secret room and releases the smoke monster to off the Boat People. Hurley regrets following the wacko’s. In the flash forwards, Ben’s in the Sahara and ambushed by some camel dudes that he overpowers rather expertly. He ends up at a Tunisian hotel under the name Dean Moriarty on October 24, 2005. On the news he sees Sayid is about to bury his wife. Was he married to Nadia? Ben approaches him and together they set up the man who killed the wife and kill him. Ben visits Charles Widmore and vows to kill Penny as payback for Alex. Charles is sure he’ll never find her. Ben is sure Charles will never find the island.


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