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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pilkie's making podcasts again

As marketing for his newest book due out in the next few weeks, Karl Pilkington now has his own blog, Karlology. He also teamed up again with Ricky & Steve for another podcast series. Here are some highlights from the K-Man:

  • If this is still in, then it didn’t go well.
  • I have not got room for a live owl, never mind a dead one.
  • They all went mimimulistic.
  • If something’s not used over 3 months, chuck it out, it’s not needed.
  • I don’t wear a tie. I would if it had pockets.
  • Any problem solved is a new problem made.
  • Look at me, I wouldn’t survive as a gay man.
  • This is a made up man and I know I don’t like him.
  • The in-your-face woman and the in-your-face man, I don’t want any of ya.
  • Water’s just happy where it is.
  • That’s like having a no trespassing sign and they’re just going “bollocks to that.” (re: slugs)
  • Brains that don’t wanna do what their owners are good at. Let’s go to the extreme: people with no legs who wanna be swimmers. Don’t be stupid.
  • A plumber who can plumb is annoying when he chucks it in.
  • Problem I’ve got with me legs, how they sort of come alive at night. (re: Restless Leg Syndrome)
  • They’re not problebleming me.
  • What was the last thing that was invented by nature?
  • Never seen a track in its life, that track suit.
  • Doesn’t Jane get annoyed? Doesn’t she feel like she’s been ripped off? (re: Ricky's weight gain)
  • Food’s too nice now.
  • A fat person’s always got the fridge open.
  • Same with babies: sometimes you just wanna slap their head. Not hard.
  • You might’s well be some sort of moth. (re: Anne Frank)
  • There’s a woman in the loft, it’s just the norm. With all the Jewish people around, everyone must’ve had a Jew in the loft.
  • A squatter with a diary. (re: Anne Frank)
  • Your eyes get bored of anything. That’s why relationships break up, Me eyes want a change.
  • I don’t want to be annoying meself.
  • If I’ve got a better vocab, I’ll have a good little chat.
  • If you bore yourself, what’s the point?


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