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Thursday, December 04, 2008

24: Redemption

Jack decided to get away from it all, where else but in the unstable African country of Sangala (probably next door to Senegal?) A UN guy delivers a subpoena but Jack’s got no time for that. He’s busy helping Hamish MacBeth (or Robert Carlyle from The Full Monty) run a boys school which is soon under attack by seemingly 50 soldiers Jack easily picks off one by one all by his lonesome. I’m not sure how long he’s carried that stick of dynamite in his pocket (or purse/Jack Sack he’s still toting), but it came in handy. And I saw the Thighs of Death about to be used as soon as the torture scene began.

More miraculously, his facial burns recovered in an hour. He helps transport the boys to safety but when one of the boys steps on a landmine, Hamish sacrifices himself and takes the kid’s place. Nice guest appearance for Carlyle, despite the messy blow-up. For the kids to be air lifted out of Sangala (Sangria?), Jack must agree to give himself over to authorities, setting up next season. The subplot was as incompressible as Ozzy ordering coffee. The writers must have thought Hillary would win the election. Next up: Chloe delivers a surprise bundle of joy.


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