The Universe and Me

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

24 : 11 p.m. - 12 a.m.

24. 7.16. They need Jack to get undressed. Been waiting seven seasons for that! In case we’re not worried enough about his fate, they show us horror films of what happened to the Sengala villagers who were exposed to same bioweapon. Jonas is getting ready to deploy. Tony won’t admit to knowing anything. Larry and Mrs President finally realize Starkwood framed Jack, were behind the day’s attacks, and worked with Juma. Renee debriefs Jack. One of the bad guys is about to kill Tony but is shot by another bad guy, Greg Seaton, who claims he needs help to stop Jonas. He refuses to spend his life in prison because Jonas has lost his mind. If granted immunity, he’ll show Tony where the weapons are located. They can set up a secure land line in his office. And this is where I fell asleep.

Jack’s blood work is positive. He’s infected. The disease isn’t contagious but there’s no cure. Tony calls the FBI. Greg wants a deal. Mrs President will be consulted. Greg takes Tony to the warehouse on the northeast part of the Starkwood compound. Jack wants to go, but they can’t risk his symptoms starting while he’s in the field. The FBI arrives at the compound with an executive order to search the building but the weapons aren’t there. Greg says Tony threatened to kill him so he told him what he wanted to know. Jonas is glad Greg bought them some time. The FBI plans to keep looking but Starkwood people ask them to leave. They’re on private property and Starkwood is prepared to defend itself. Best line: “Know the psychology of your subject. That’s in our manual.”


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