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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do we need 'em? : Gorilla Arm

Windows 8 may very well be the best operating system in the world, ever. I don't know because I haven't used it. Reading about it using touch screen menus has made me wonder why they (Gates and Co.) chose to make it more phone & tablet user-like because: 
"humans aren't designed to hold their arms in front of their faces making small motions. After more than a very few selections, the arm begins to feel sore, cramped, and oversized — the operator looks like a gorilla while using the touch screen and feels like one afterwards."

It's crazy enough that certain software is so heavily mouse-centric. Type on a couple keys, reach for mouse. Reach back to keyboard, type on a couple keys, reach back to mouse. Repeat all day long and ignore cranky right shoulder muscles.


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