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Monday, February 10, 2014

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

I saw this in a magazine (which magazine, I have now forgotten) that I read a couple weeks ago. While you’re out shopping, you may want to be aware that colors can affect how you spend your money. And those colors are placed there on purpose to make you spend your money like the “ad wizards” want you to. Here’s some helpful hints:

Black: Makes everything seem more posh.
Blue: One of the most favored colors. Customers are 15% more likely to return to stores with blue color schemes. Makes people feel secure.
Burgundy: Reminds customers of the rich and refined. So that must be why so much of my house is decorated in burgundy. If I can’t be rich and refined, I might as well fool myself.
Orange: Associated with affordability.
Pink: Has calming effects.
Red: Too much like a stop sign. Stores should avoid using.
Green: Eco minded, even if what the customer is buying is not eco friendly.
Violet: Think of royalty.
White: Simplicity and purity, modernity and honesty.
Yellow: Fast food favorite, supposedly increases appetites.


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