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Monday, April 25, 2016

Escape now, hug later

Movie: Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. Pretty sure I'm the last person in the universe to see this, but if that's not true: spoiler alert. What I've liked about Star Wars from the original was how it puts you right there. I've always felt like it could truly be happening and that's not an easy feat for SF. This episode had lots of action, excellent repartee (especially between Leia and Han, some between Finn and Poe), old characters we liked, new characters we like or fear (what kind of makeup and/or lighting did they use on Adam Driver? He hardly looked like himself. Maybe it was the hair gel.) One particular unfortunate event I didn't like. Harrison must not want to continue in the franchise which is a real bummer because no one has the same swagger, snarky attitude and clever lines. A horrible loss to the future movies and, knowing Star Wars's past "daddy issues" themes, rather predictable. The Rey character is a good addition, however Kiera Knightly twinny at times. I really liked Maz but fear she may have bit the dust. It was not clear. Finn has we'll see potential, though it's a bit disconcerting he was raised/trained to be a storm trooper and his original name was FN-#. Really? Effin? Luke did not show up until the last couple minutes which made me wonder how much Hammill got paid for that. Like, five dollars? And he didn't even have any lines. Not one word. Could have at least said. "Thank you." I say bump him down to four dollars. Maybe three fifty.


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