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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

By any other name

Documentary: Meet the Hitlers. More disappointing than interesting, which it could have and should have been. Concerned the stigma of having your name be Hitler. The European fellow seemed to believe he was related and subsequently ostracized but likely wasn't related at all but just a loner or recluse. The American teenager with an extra T appeared well adjusted, with friends and only slightly teased at school. Gene, also no relation, was endearingly memorable for his touching love for his late wife. His family seemed great.

Where we ran into difficulty was with a White Supremacist with children of questionable names, one being Adolph Hitler, another Aryan Nation. Names aside, the man seemed in need of education about totalitarianism and the Holocaust. Fascism means giving up individuality and your individual rights. As for the creation of Hitler's master race, this meant many millions more than Jews were exterminated. Political opponents, authors and artists considered subversive, priests, mentally and physically disabled, Boy Scouts, prisoners of war, etc. Where does it stop once it starts? He needs to learn the answer is not to start.

The other disturbing part was the journalist hounding the three actual great nephews who only wanted to be left alone. They changed their name and vowed to stop the bloodline. They've done the right thing. Let it go, dude. Most sensible thing about the documentary was the interview with the Holocaust survivor, a nice elderly man who understood any descendants of Hitler are not responsible for their unmet great uncle's crimes.


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