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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Everything I Ever Learned is Wrong

Since I see so many books on a daily basis, after a while they all start to look the same but sometimes one will stand out as a book that provides insight and knowledge. Like The Book of General Ignorance by John Mitchinson and John Lloyd which dispels some myths that people maybe never thought to question. And it's important that we question everything, after all. The book is filled with a lot to learn, some being:

  • Flames disorient (not draw) moths.
  • Antarctica is the dryest place on earth.
  • Chickens can live about two years without their heads. (I'm not sure if they can answer questions, though.)
  • Mosquitos have killed 45 billion people throughout history.
  • Chameleons change colour because of stress.
  • Only 7 prisoners were freed during the Bastille storming.
  • The moon smells like gunpowder.
  • Camels store fat, not water, in their humps.
  • America was named after merchant Richard Ameryk.
  • A day is never exactly 24 hours. (It's really up to 50 seconds longer or shorter.)
  • Panama hats come from Ecuador.
If you want to learn more trivia and possible answers to board games, check out the book.


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