The Universe and Me

Friday, May 01, 2009

24 : 2 a.m. - 3 a.m.

24. 7.19. Jonas requests his attorney, Miss Eames. As she’s getting ready to leave, she’s maced and injected with something that can’t be good. Her identity is stolen by a look alike. The suspect, Galvez, is in a storage yard in the projects. Tony tells him to stay put and wait for his call. Tony shoots himself to look like Galvez did it. Previously unbeknownst to us, Tony talked Galvez into working and stealing the canister for him. During debriefing, Jack hears Larry’s dead. He decides to help Renee. Tony tells Galvez to draw the FBI into the building and blow them up with the C4 he gave him. The fake Eames meets with Jonas. She guarantees his family’s safety if he does the right thing (have a natural dignified death) and slips him a pill that will induce cardiac arrest.

Kim didn’t have the heart to tell Jack he has a granddaughter named Teri. Jack notices both 9 millimeter and spent 45 casings at Larry’s death site. That many weapons doesn’t add up, so someone must have helped Galvez. While being delivered to the FBI, Jonas gulps the pill and is taken to the hospital instead. Jack’s notified of a discrepancy in his debriefing. Tony’s source, Cardiff, who supposedly died during Tony’s investigation, was arrested just now while going to Canada.

I think I fell asleep here and missed something. When the building blows up, Jack notices someone’s transponder wasn’t in it, so he wants the perimeter kept. Jack finds Renee. They concur that the sweep patterns were known. Jack pulls a gun on Tony. He’d told him earlier if he was lying, he’d kill him. Now he demands an explanation. Tony says he cut a deal with Cardiff. It was a meaningless lie. To Jack, there is no such thing. What is Tony’s involvement? Tony thinks Jack’s toxin is affecting his judgment and he’s paranoid. Jack suffers an untimely seizure so Tony can take his gun. Galvez kills a medic and commandeers his vehicle.


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