The Universe and Me

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

24 : 3 a.m. - 4 a.m.

24. 7.20. Jack informs Renee that Tony was the second man and is to be approached with extreme caution. Jack feels to blame for trusting him. Tony shoots his way outside the perimeter. Have the perimeters ever done any good on this show? Galvez wants money for the canister. Tony’s already wired it but the canister isn’t in the bag and Galvez pulls a gun on Tony who warns him “you don’t wanna do this.” I guess not. Jonas pulls through. They figure out his suicide attempt was coerced by the woman impersonating his lawyer who must be part of the larger group he mentioned. If they convince Jonas that the people who wanted him dead succeeded, that will protect his family. Mrs President can make him disappear to a hundred acre ranch in Colorado.

Tony and mystery woman discuss their next move. He thinks they should finish off the enemy while he’s down. But it isn’t their decision to make. The Evil Group holds a phone conference. Everyone received a data pack. The evidence trail will finger an innocent. Olivia isn’t happy with Jonas’s witness protection plan. Jack questions him but all he can reveal is he worked with like minds. People who can protect the country and show that the government can’t. He doesn’t know names. The project was based on anonymity and held together by one woman. Seems to involve private military firms, did they say?

Jack wants access to CTU servers and needs someone who knows the protocols. He phones Chloe to reconstitute the servers. She tells Morris to take their son and leave the city. Olivia can’t live with her mother’s decision. After venting to Aaron about killing Jonas, she calls a man named Martin who once mentioned there was no problem that couldn’t be handled or eliminated. Janis objects that Jack is violating the Bill of Rights among other things. Wow, she becomes more annoying every episode. Jack wants her to go whine somewhere else. In his rant, he calls the president Palmer. Chloe’s concerned about his confusion. Two brothers find the lights in their apartment go out and they receive a visit from Tony. Most poignant line: Aaron’s “I have seen the guilty walk free many times.”


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