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Monday, January 30, 2012

The girl with the most

A couple weekends ago we watched (or read, since they were in Swedish and subtitled in English) two of the "Girl Who" movies. I inadvertently picked up one and three, so we missed the second one. Last fall I'd read the first Stieg Larsson book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (or in Swedish, "Men Who Hate Women") and found myself for the first time in my life NOT wishing to grab the next flight to Sweden. Wow, that was a lot of violence and cringe-worthiness. The movie, though more visual, seemed less violent to me. Perhaps because it was shorter and less internal. Meaning, I wasn't always aware of the mental and emotional pain and suffering the book showed.

Found the movies very well produced and acted. My only couple gripes are personal. Knowing some Swedish, I find myself annoyed when the subtitle translation isn't exact. And I see no need for Hollywood to re-do this, as they did, with British (James Bond?) or American actors. The dvd's had dubbing available if one didn't want to read the subtitles. I'll give their version a miss.


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