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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I want to fly like an eagle

Movie: Eddie the Eagle. I remember some things about British ski jumper "Eddie the Eagle" Edwards from the 1988 Winter Olympics. How happy the sport made him despite his placing last. There was controversy as to whether or not he should be allowed to compete at all since he wasn't proficient at the sport. At the time, he did what he needed to do to qualify (the rules have since been changed so a lesser skilled competitor would not be allowed at the Olympics) and he loved the sport. His excitement at breaking the British ski jumping record is something everyone watching must remember. At the time, as it still does, the controversy seemed unfair and I thought and think anyone saying he shouldn't have been allowed to compete should just once (much less 60 times a day as  Eddie was) have to jump the 70 meter. It took enormous courage and strength and that's what the Olympics should be about, not just who can win gold. The movie takes some license with conversations but not with the competitions nor Eddie's spirit. Good for him and good for everyone involved with the film for winning our hearts.


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