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Friday, June 03, 2016

The queen of my highway

While watching wonderfully humorous travel writer Tony James Slater's video experiences on his and Roo's driving the electric Twizy car, and laughing along with them, I decided to look into this unique car. Made by Renault and manufactured in Spain, Twizy is powered by a litium-ion battery pack, located underneath the front seat. Due to its ultra-compact small size (under 8 feet in length, about 3 feet in width and a height of just under 5 feet) it seats two people, one driver and one somewhat folded up and flexible passenger in the back seat and is classified in Europe as a "heavy quadricycle." Whatever that is. A vehicle with limited speed, I guess. The Twizy averages 30 to 40 mph.

There are three models, costing somewhere between seven and nine thousand euros, not including the battery pack. That's a separate monthly fee to lease (around 50 euros), but does include roadside assistance and a battery replacement, should you need one. In some models the door are optional. Others have no windows so dress according to the weather. It takes about three hours to charge the battery. It's scheduled to be released on the Canadian market soon. No word on the U.S. It looks like a blast to drive.


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