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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lost : Through the looking glass Part 2

Lost. 3.23. In the flashforward, Jack drops by the funeral parlor for whoever. No one else showed up. When asked if he was friend or family, it sounded like he said “either” which wouldn’t make sense. So I guess it was “neither.” Does that mean it was an enemy? Would he jump off a bridge for just an acquaintance? Or was that because his life is totally messed up? He arranges to meet Kate and explains he flies every weekend with the golden pass they were given. How considerate of the airline. You nearly died in a horrific crash but here’s a free pass to fly anywhere, anytime. All season long Kate’s been the one with the “we have to go back” mantra. Now it’s Jack’s turn. But Kate no longer wants to go back. Jack says they weren’t supposed to leave which sounded to me like it was only the two of them, and maybe Kate’s “him,” who got away and they needed to return for the rest of the gang.

On the island, the walkers meet up with Ben and Alex. Ben tries to explain to Jack that Naomi isn’t who she says she is. In fact, she’s a representative of people trying to find the island. They’re the bad guys. If he phones her boat, these bad guys will come in and kill everyone. Besides, why does Jack want to leave the island? It’s not like he has anything to go back to. Ben walkies Tom and has him shoot the three captives whereupon Jack pummels him. All Ben can do is introduce Alex to her mother, Rousseau.

Patch asks Greta and Bonnie to switch off the equipment. They refuse because they’re following orders and trust Ben and Jacob. So Patch shoots them. Desmond comes out of hiding and harpoon guns Patch. Before Bonnie dies, she has time to say the code was programmed by a musician who was a fan of the Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations.” The numbers are notes. How convenient for Charlie who figures out the right buttons to push. The light goes off and a transmission comes in. It’s Penny. Charlie recognizes her name and tells her Desmond is with him and they’re on an island. Penny has time to say she’s not on a rescue boat and doesn’t know Naomi before Patch appears outside the window with a grenade. Charlie locks the door so Desmond can’t save him, believing he must die for Claire to be saved. Before dying, he writes to Desmond that it’s “not Penny’s boat.”

At the beach, Tom laments following Ben’s orders and only staging the execution. Juliet and Sawyer sneak up, but they’re unarmed. From out of nowhere, Hurley drives the hippy van into camp, mowing down one Other. Sayid takes a page out of the Jack Bauer Manual and breaks the neck of another Other with his legs. Sawyer picks up a stray gun. Though Tom surrenders, Sawyer shoots him because he didn’t believe him. Yeah, I didn’t either. Hurley walkies Jack that everyone’s fine. Rousseau’s message is switched off. Naomi gets a signal on her phone and a knife in the back from Locke who up until now has not been a murderer. He orders Jack to hand over the phone or he’ll kill him but he can’t do it. Jack calls the boat. Whoever answers promises to be right there. Uh oh.


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