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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lost : Through the looking glass part 1

Lost. 3.22. The flashback was really a flash forward. While on a plane, Jack sees a newspaper obituary that makes him want to jump off a bridge. Seeing him about to, some woman driver is distracted and a car smashes hers. Jack hears screams and gives up his death to once again be a hero. His pregnant ex-wife visits him in the hospital, but she won’t even give him a lift home. Great choice of a spouse, there. Jack wants to operate on the injured woman, but she’s not his patient and the hospital is aware of his “issues.”

On the island, suddenly Jin speaks English. Naomi shows Jack how her phone works. Rose reminds Bernard that he’s a dentist, not Rambo. The Others sneak into the beach camp. Two dynamite explosions kill a bunch of them but Jin, Bernard and Sayid are captured. The hikers, not hearing the third explosion, know something’s wrong. Kate wants to go back. Sawyer sulks for a while until he decides he, without Kate, will go back. Juliet says she knows where some guns are and she’ll help him and her karma. En route, he asks her why they were breaking rocks. I couldn’t tell if she was joking when she said they’re building a runway, but she did lie about the guns. There are none. Hurley’s followed them and offers to help. Sawyer puts him down, saying he’ll get in the way and off Hurley goes, dejected again.

Greta and Bonnie beat up Charlie who jokes that he arrived in an invisible submarine. The girls, in a room with a blinking yellow light, break radio silence to call Ben who sends Patch who questions why Ben previously told them the Looking Glass was flooded. Ben admits to lying. Charlie admits he’s there to turn off the jamming equipment. Only three people know the code: the girls and the programmer. Desmond wakes from his nap to find Patch shooting at him. He dives to the Looking Glass and evades the girls and hides. When Patch/Cyclops scuba’s in, he asks the girls why Ben told them it was flooded. Bonnie answers they’ve done everything for the island. They trust Jacob. The island is under assault and it’s for everyone’s security. Ben asks Patch to “help clean up this mess I’ve made” by shooting Greta, Bonnie and Charlie.

Ben decides to go for a walk. Alex asks to go with which he considers a good idea. That way he can hand her over to her new/old family. He admits he did what he did to Carl because he didn’t want Carl to get her pregnant and overreacted. Alex wonders why they don’t just let the Lostaways leave. Ben says they can’t. Locke regains consciousness but can’t move. He’s ready to shoot himself when he sees Walt (who’s mysteriously aged, as opposed to Richard who never ages.) Walt tells him that he has work to do. Best line: Rose to Jack: “If you say live together, die alone to me, I’m gonna punch you in the face.”


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