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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lost: There's no place like home Part 2 Hour 1

Lost: Keamy takes Ben to the chopper. Kate and Sayid, being chased by Others, run up. Keamy is about to kill Sayid when Dr Alpert, still the same age as ever, shoots Keamy. Ben keeps his promise to allow Kate and Sayid to leave the island. Jack/Sundance and Sawyer find Hurley at the greenhouse. Locke wants Jack to stay on the island, reasoning they’re not supposed to go home. Not a good enough reason for Jack, so Locke asks him to lie to protect the island since miracles happen there. Big talk from someone who couldn’t find the anthuriums. Ben sends Jack to the chopper, then descends the elevator with Locke who watches a video from Edgar Halliwax/Candle about experiments in space and time and negatively charged exotic matter. He warns viewers never to place metallic articles in the vault, which is what Ben does.

Keamy finds the elevator and explains Alpert didn’t kill him because of his body armor. He’s sure Ben won’t kill him because he has a heart monitor masquerading as a bomb detonator strapped to his arm. Locke wants to talk but Ben goes ballistic & kills Keamy, thereby killing everyone aboard the boat. With Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and Jack aboard the chopper, Kenny Rogers/Frank realizes they’re losing fuel due to a bullet hole in the tank. Hurley seems nervous they need to lose all excess weight. Sawyer whispers something a la Lost in Translation to Kate and orders her, “Just do it.” Then he jumps out into the ocean. In an unrelated event, Dan can’t convince Charlotte and Miles to accompany him on his next trip to the freighter.

Meanwhile, Desmond figures out the explosives are on a timer, triggered remotely (Boom!) by a signal. Michael thinks they can freeze it with liquid nitrogen while they work out the wires. But the red light comes on. Desmond rushes to get people off the boat while Jin & Michael stay in hopes of deactivating it. The chopper has no fuel and has to land, despite Desmond’s warning. Luckily Sun and Aaron hop on. Michael sends Jin out but he doesn’t reach the chopper that takes off again before the freighter explodes. Can we hope Jin jumped into the ocean?

In the flash forwards, Kate’s incensed that Jack says they have to go back. He appears to have left her and Aaron three years ago. Sayid kills a lookout at Hurley’s hospital, then asks Hurley to go with him. Jeremy Bentham is dead, ruled a suicide. Hurley won’t go. He finds paranoia is keeping him alive. Later the now high school aged Walt and Grandmother visit. Bentham dude, before dying, visited Walt who asks why the Oceanic 6 are lying, Answer: to protect everyone who didn’t come back.


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