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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lost: There's no place like home Pt 2 Hour 2

Lost: Ben explodes the vault and explains to Locke that whoever moves the island can’t come back. It’s Locke’s turn to lead the Others. Ben goes into a tunnel or cave until he finds a frozen wheel which he turns. Sawyer swims to the island where Juliet watches as the freighter burns. Frank thinks he can reach the island with what little fuel they have but the island disappears. He orders everyone to put on their life vests before they crash in the ocean. They pull themselves onto the life raft. Someone drags in Desmond, who’s not breathing until Jack performs CPR. Hurley reasons that Locke moved the island. Jack realizes they have to lie after all. A Portuguese boat finds them and Penny happens to be on board (or she found Desmond by tracking his phone call) so they can have a happy reunion. Jack hopes he never sees Frank again.

In the flash forwards, Kate is troubled by nightmares, including one where she’s warned by Claire not to “bring him back.” Bring Aaron back to the island or bring Sawyer back off the island? Sun confronts Widmore in London and urges him to call her. Jack breaks into the funeral home where Bentham awaits burial. Ben creeps up behind him. Bentham spoke with Jack about a month ago and mentioned Ben was off the island. Bentham also said that bad things happened after they left and it’s Jack’s fault. Jack feels he must go back. Ben knows the island won’t let him go alone. They must all go back, including Bentham who turns out to be Locke, or an incredible simulation.


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