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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fubar, yah? Okay, then.

Series: Fargo, Season 2. I expected the body count to be even higher than Season 1 and sure enough, it was, by far. Luckily there was a whole buncha good acting (Danson, Smart, Dunst, etc.) to go along with the steamer full of stupid that was these crazy characters. My favorite moment had to be when Danson said to  Dunst, "Well, you're a little touched, now, aren't you?" To put it diplomatically. In a few areas I questioned motives, particularly when Hansee (I kept expecting someone to call him Fonzie) betrayed, well, everyone. Perhaps he'd had enough of being treated like an inferior and the racist remarks didn't help. Also, the uncle killing his niece was mighty cold and the UFO appearance was strange, but handled funny by Peggy. Interesting foreshadowing back to Season 1. Made me want to watch that again. I'm not sure there's any plastic surgery that could physically turn Hanzee into Tripoli, though. Perhaps they should have implied he traded places with Billy Bob. A minor gripe: while they chose interesting songs, I don't think any of them were from March 1979. It was as if they grabbed a CD called "Hits of the 70s" and thought, good enough. With the internet, it's easy to find out what was in the top 40 then.


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