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Monday, March 14, 2016

My friends from college, they're all married now

Documentary: Meet the Patels. While I'm sure the Patel parents are wonderful people - they seemed very nice from what we saw - I am grateful to have been born to parents who never pressured me to marry and give them grandchildren. And especially didn't pressure me to meet as many potential spouses as possible and choose one who wasn't so bad and from the right neighborhood. I am not married and have not ever been married. From the point of Papa Patel, there appears to be nothing I have to offer society. Wow. The son was obviously totally infatuated with the ex-girlfriend and wouldn't or couldn't look beyond his feelings for her to even see anyone else. The ex-girlfriend wanted him to commit and it seemed he couldn't because he was afraid his parents would disapprove of his marrying a white woman (which it seems they did, especially the mother.) I hope for everyone's sake things work out and the grandparents can enjoy and dote on their eventual grandchildren they were so desperate to have.


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