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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Alone until I get home

Movie: The Revenant. Very loosely based on novel loosely based on some incidents in the life of trapper Hugh Glass, circa 1823. I admit to ff'ing through some of the violence and gore because that's not my deal so I can't speak for normal speed, but in ff that bear didn't look very real. Leo, beyond the beginning, didn't have many lines as he was trying to recover from his mauling. Really no one came across very good but life was hard back then. Unfortunately they made the bad guy the only one to spout religion. It's been done before (see Les Miserables) and far better. The vision at the end made it seem like Hugh was mortally wounded and drifting off to the Heavenly Realm but he lived for ten years after these events. Also, it was tough to figure out locations. We guessed the Dakotas just by the landscape and yes, it was South Dakota. I never heard mention of any places that would've answered definitively. Towards the end they talked about Yellowstone, but that's Wyoming, so I was totally confused. If the states were not yet states, they could have shown a map of sorts to give us some frame of reference. Overall, they probably should have stuck closer to the book because compared to the likes of Jeremiah Johnson, all this has to offer is great scenery.


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