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Friday, May 27, 2016

I've seen a lot of what the world can do

Documentary: Where to Invade Next. Michael Moore-lite. Not what one would expect from the title, which would be a rehash of where the US has invaded up until now or what countries we should invade (although the latter would be a very short film, since the answer to that should be none.) More of a travelogue, this concerned some very interesting practices of a variety of different countries that perhaps the US should implement, especially since the ideas, the film claims, seemed to originate with us. Examples: Italian work ethic, or more likely, Italian relaxation ethic which serves to improve their quality of work. French school lunches being a gourmet meal on fine china everyday. I cringed to see Moore introduce American fast food to these wonderful French children. The Slovenian concept of free college tuition for anyone on the planet. Norwegian prisons that are without uniforms and more like dormitory living. Finnish excelling at education although they have no homework, no testing, and spend very little time in school. I found the discussion most interesting where they were pointing out the difference in mentality, the community minded versus the individually minded. On the down side, sadly every country has issues. No place is perfect to live. It's unfortunate we can't all be have the resources to find where we fit in best and live there.


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