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Monday, August 28, 2006

Here comes the tidal wave

Movie: Poseidon. Best to say right away that I did enjoy this. There was a lot of action and that action was sure fast-paced. The cast barely had time to countdown to one before that rogue wave struck. However…the characters were two dimensional, underdeveloped and sometimes just plain stereotypes. So if you’re looking for a movie with action but no depth, look here. Surprising, I learned something. If you’re a chauvinistic, obnoxious creep with people who want to help you reach safety, that is NOT the time to criticize and belittle them. Because neither they nor the audience will care if you plummet to a fiery death. In fact, the audience most likely will feel like cheering. I felt sorry for Six Feet Under’s Rico, but he sure did make the most of his limited screen time. For some unknown reason the DVD skipped during the stowaway’s mishap, so I never knew what happened to her. But since I didn’t care about her character, it didn’t much matter. Strange that they would briefly mention things like Russell being the mayor of New York and that it didn’t go well, but they never said why. The mother not being able to keep track of her wandering son in such a life-threatening situation didn’t make sense either. Just as I was becoming sick of the repetitious obstacles (enter a room filling up with water, find way out, enter another room filling up with water, find way out, repeat and repeat) the movie ended. So I could end my dorky review with the ringing endorsement “mercifully short.” But I’d also like to say that the original Poseidon Adventure was so much better for the main reason that there was excellent character development. I saw it as a youngster and found it so intense and disturbing that I remember being unable to sleep all night afterwards. After this Poseidon, I slept with no problem.


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