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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On the dark side

Movie: The Big White. A dark/black/macabre comedy possibly meant to be a parody or homage to Fargo. I thought, if parody was what they were going for, it should have been set somewhere sweltering (like my apartment today, as temperatures here are in the mid 90s) and have the characters desperate for a transfer to, say, Iceland. Speaking of Iceland, as I do, the juxtaposition of snow and blue lighting reminded me of the atmosphere of Noi. Though the movie takes place in Alaska, it was filmed in Winnipeg. Having never heard of it before, I had no expectations, and found myself often amused. Not a great movie, but still good, mostly due to the acting talents of Giovanni Ribisi (looking extremely pale), Holly Hunter (who may have Tourette’s Syndrome, or she may have only read about it in a magazine) and Robin Williams. I didn’t understand Williams’ brother’s character (Woody Harrelson, being maniacal) or his motivation, other than being upset that Williams was trying to collect insurance money for him when he wasn’t dead. Seems a poor reason for a vicious beating, etc. The sound on the DVD wasn’t good and blast it all, the thing wasn’t subtitled, so I may have missed some important lines. DVD creators need to keep in mind I live on a main drag in town and the traffic noise can drown out anyone. Loved the casserole from the dumb or dumber stumblebum kidnapper and everything Hunter did was exceptional. Lot of language not for young ears.


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