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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Svona er sumarið 2006

Over in Iceland (where the temperature is 55 instead of feels like the 100s here in most of the States) they’ve released the annual music CD always titled Svona er Sumarið. I’d have chosen probably half the songs they did. And added some by Hraun, Signia, The Frummenn, KK, Hafdis Huld as well as Jet Black Joe’s “Full Circle” and Jeff Who’s “Barfly” for sure. Even though the last Dikta and Ampop CDs were released in 2005, I’m not sure they should have been slighted, either. Anyway, here’s the list and links to where you can find some information on the bands, if not videos of the songs.

01 Þessa nótt - Í svörtum fötum
02 Losing a Friend - Nylon or their Myspace page. Girl pop band. Video has some nice scenery
03 Farin burt - Snorri
04 Is it Love? - Dr Mister & Mr Handsome - electronica - not my thing. Song here
05 Á röltinu í Reykjavík- Birgitta Haukdal & Stuðmenn. Always fun.
06 Farinn - Friðrik Ómar. Song sample.
07 Sá eini sanni (úr Footloose) - Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir
08 Dirty Mutha - Steel Lord - Techno music.
09 Here We Are - Hera - Don't even get me started on this woman
10 Pink Sky - Fabúla. Song sample.
11 Týndur - Ingó (is this the same guy as the link? If so, his music sounds interesting.)
12 Betra en gott - Greifarnir
13 Always On My Mind - Bríet Sunna. Eek, remake of the Willy Nelson song. I’ve not changed my opinion that covers are unnecessary.
14 Fegurðargenið er fundið - Bermuda. Click on Skrár and then Hlusta which will bring up the song to play.
15 Á leiðinni heim - Buttercup
16 Like You - Vax. And the song's Video
17 Sólin skín - Kung fú. And Video. Come out in the sunshine with me!
18 Heilræðavísur - Start
19 Aldrei - Karma
20 Frjáls - Spútnik. Song sample
21 Okkar leið - Out Loud


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