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Friday, October 13, 2006

Lost : The glass ballerina

Lost. 3.2. A Koreans-centric episode and I can’t imagine two more attractive people on that island, or perhaps anywhere. Through the flashbacks we learn that Sun is no stranger to lying. She started as a child and may be keeping on as the boat sails. While she spent time with the bald guy (I can’t remember his name), it’s not clear whether they had an affair because the flashback has her saying a tormented “I can’t.” Bald Guy wants her to skip off to America with him and his pearls. Before she can decide, her father barges in. Nice guy that he is, he tells Jin that Bald Guy is stealing from him and Jin is to put an end to it, or, presumably, Bald Guy. Jin just roughs him up a bit and tells him to leave Korea and never return. In an “I didn’t see that coming” moment, Bald Guy falls from the hotel balcony onto the roof of Jin’s car. That’s pretty good aim for a suicide. I’m thinking, what with the clutched pearls, he may have been pushed.

On the island, the Others find out about the boat and inform Ben who seems genuinely surprised. With his surveillance room it seems unlikely he didn’t know about it, but that’s Lost for you. He wants the boat now, probably to stop anyone from escaping. Sayid and the Koreans find the abandoned dock. Sayid’s plan is to build a fire to lure out the Others. He’ll capture two and kill the rest. Instead, the Others sneak onto the boat. Colleen runs across Sun and her gun first but doesn’t think Sun’ll shoot. Oops. Thar’ she goes. Running away from the rest of the Others, Sun luckily slips and falls into the water. Jin has swum out to the boat and they’re reunited with each other, but not the boat. They have to walk back to Lostaway camp. Thanks for nothing, Sayid.

Sawyer and Kate are taken to chop rocks on the chain gang. Alex sneaks up to Kate but isn’t concerned about much beyond her comrade Carl and her dress that Kate’s now wearing. Juliet (who seems to be everywhere this episode, making us wonder if she’s just really swift or perhaps a clone) offers Sawyer some water with a smile but he dumps it. He kisses Kate which gets everyone’s attention, so it was probably intentional, and gives him a chance to grab a rifle. Unfortunately Kate’s not quick enough and Juliet threatens to shoot her if Sawyer doesn’t give back the gun. Aw, and we thought Juliet was so nice. When they’re returned to their cages, Sawyer tells Kate his plan. Wait for the Others to make a mistake and capitalize on it. Since he’s seen the speakers all around, he must know he’s being watched. I’m sure hoping his con man instincts haven’t deserted him and this is a diversion plan as part of a larger con game.

In her spare time, Juliet has made Jack some soup, something she never did for Ben, poor guy. Ben decides to introduce himself properly to Jack. “You know what’s crazy?” he asks. Yes I do. It’s you! Ben thinks Jack needs to change his perspective about the Others. Ben’s lived on the island his entire life, but has contact with the outside world. If Jack cooperates, he’ll take him home. Jack wonders why the Others would stay on the island if they could leave. We’re all wondering. Best line from Sawyer: “Want half a fish biscuit.” Next up: Desmond loses his clothes. Something to really look forward to!


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