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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lost : A tale of two cities

Lost 3.1. Pretty sure the two cities were not London and Paris and no one took anyone’s place on the chopping block. At first I thought the woman playing the Pet Clark CD (erroneously housed in a Talking Heads jewel case – is she hiding her musical taste or just unorganized?) was Penny. But Penny probably wouldn’t have burned the muffins and chosen a book that wasn’t written by Stephen King. There’s mention that Ben doesn’t like the book choice and then there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on. The community residents all head outside and rather than look at the ground, expecting an earthquake, they all looked up. In time to see Flight 815 split like a wish bone on Thanksgiving. Internet consensus seems to be that this proves these Others didn’t know about the crash, but I think it proves they did. Especially when Fake Henry starts rattling off orders so fast and no one has to ask him, “Now what did you want me to do?” For some reason, the plane crash puts Henry out of the Book Club, which he didn’t seem to be a part of anyway. I’m sensing some unspoken tension between him and Juliet.

Flashback to Jack’s messy divorce. He’s sorry for pushing them to it. Sarah seems not the least bit sorry she’s cheating on him. Her giggling on the phone to her new boyfriend in Jack’s presence was downright cruel. I say Jack’s better off without her. He doesn’t think so and allows his obsession to veer towards finding out her boyfriend’s name. When he suspects his father, he bursts into an AA meeting and ends up driving Christian back to the hooch. Later on we see Sarah with a man who appears to be no one we’ve met before. But that could change. Back to the hapless three Lostaway captives. They’ve had drugs injected into their arms. What drugs? We’ll probably never know. Jack is held in an aquarium (former home to sharks and dolphins) at the Hydra Station. His big chance to escape: rejecting Juliet’s grilled cheese sammich (which she didn’t make, she “just put the toothpicks in”) and opening a door that both Juliet and Henry warn him will kill them all. Henry high-tails it, leaving Jack and Juliet to die in an onslaught of water. But Juliet jabs some button and they survive. I don’t have anything against Juliet yet, except for her annoying repetition of Jack’s name. That’s a sign of bad writing, saying a character’s name almost every time you speak to them. Cut it out.

Kate is taken to Henry for an al-fresco breakfast which she won’t eat either. He makes her handcuff herself and promises her the next two weeks will be very unpleasant. Then Gandalf flew in on the back on an eagle and rescued her. No, that was just a commercial. Sawyer’s in a Skinner like cage where he figures out how to get food, but not as quickly as the polar bears who had strength in numbers. Chachi/Carl in the cage across the way tries to help him escape, right into the clutches of Juliet’s taser. Con man, meet obvious plant. Zeke brings Kate to Chachi’s cage and we see her wrists very scraped up. Sawyer shares his fish food with Kate, even though a blow dryer would be nicer. All we learn at the end is Henry’s real name appears to be Ben and Audrey Hepburn wants to dance.


  • At 11:18 AM, October 06, 2006, Anonymous Dharma said…

    I think the "I'm out of the book club" comment was unrelated to the plane crash. It seemed to me that Ben(ry) noticed the King book Juliet was clutching and realized she'd held the meeting without him. That might also explain her seeming kind of nervous, burning the muffins and everything. Like she was going behind his back about it, and she wasn't supposed to.

    Also, they never showed Sawyer ripping a bandage off his arm, so he might not have been drugged.

  • At 4:41 PM, October 06, 2006, Blogger Mrs Vee said…

    Good point about Sawyer. The Others must have something different in mind for him than for Kate and Jack? It was interesting that when Ben heard Kate's preference for Sawyer, that she was taken to his cage area.
    Also, to indulge my pet peeve of repeating a character's name too often, while watching the episode a 2nd time, I heard Juliet say Jack's name at least 16 times. Since their screen time together at the aquarium probably didn't equal 16 minutes (we had to see flashbacks, Sawyer, Kate, the crash opening) she probably said his name at least once or twice per minute.


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