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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pilkingtonisms continued 3.6

In the 6th and possibly last Gervais podcast, for he and Steve believe they've made their point (although many of us are wondering what that point might be), Karl goes into more detail about his kidney stone problems. What I found more strange was yesterday while I was waiting at the corner for the light to change, a white van sped past with the name Pilkington painted on it. He's everywhere now. Here are some quotes:

  • There’s loads of people in the world and yet you don’t see people with like dangly eyes more often. It amazes me.
  • Your mind or whatever – I don’t know what’s in charge.
  • Don’t give me milk. I don’t need any milk. I’ll have a crumpet.
  • I would have looked like the alien in the Boswell Incident.
  • Got in a taxi. He filled up on the way, which was annoying.
  • That could have been my last “fighting on the beaches” (That is: You look different with a hat on.)
  • She didn’t have a banana till she met my Dad.
  • In Scotland they’ll have fried Mars bars and that.


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