The Universe and Me

Monday, December 25, 2006

Þegar jólin koma

Every year at Christmas when the gang gets together at my parent’s house, we have a family picture taken. And every year I ruin the picture. Just by being in it. I’m not sure why the rest of my family are all attractive people and then there’s Munster-reject me. Try to figure out why I look so hideous. Is it the glasses? Is it the frumpy clothes? Is it the witchy hair? Is it my abnormally small pinhead? (Was it always this small or has it shrunk, along with my brain?) Is it the strained, fake smile? Is it the combination of all of the above? Probably. I whined to my Mom about ruining this annual picture last week and she says, “Oh no, you’re always so photogenic!” So the real question is: if that’s the photogenic me, how hideous is the real me???

Happy happy! Joy joy!


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