The Universe and Me

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pilkingtonisms : Thanksgiving edition

  • That bit between Christmas and New Year’s, you might as well delete that out of the calendar.
  • I’m just sayin’ that I don’t like fun…organised fun.
  • I wouldn’t put a date on that Pancake Day. Just have it when you want…You have to make ‘em yourself.
  • I had me paper round when I was 10 and that was hard graft. That’s why I’m bald and that, getting up at half 4, it all adds up.
  • When I kicked me height…I was that chuffed that I got that high, that I didn’t think of putting me leg back down again.
  • Am I in charge of me brain or is me brain in charge of me?
  • I was still using me eyes even though I had ‘em shut.
  • Every noise has been used at least 5 times.
  • Say like a new frog comes out.


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