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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lost: The Other Woman

When Juliet arrived on the island, Ben wanted to make her feel at home, but her high profile job made her feel like the center of attention. Therapy didn’t help, possibly because her therapist, Harper, seemed mean and spiteful. It helped to meet Goodwin, who she treated for a burn on his arm whose origin her lied about. Harper, Goodwin’s wife, knows Juliet and Goodwin end up involved and warns her there will be consequences. Not from her, but from Ben. Goodwin feels, since he’s been sleeping on the couch for a year, Ben can’t do anything but when 815 crashes, Ben sends him on a mission doomed to result in death. Three weeks later at what Ben means to be a romantic dinner for two, Juliet questions keeping the kids, but their names are on the List. Now that they have everyone on the List, shouldn’t Goodwin be brought back? Ben takes Juliet to where Ana Lucia harpooned Goodwin. She realizes he arranged it. He informs Juliet that she’s his. Possessive much?

Claire asks to talk with Miles, believing he’ll find her less intimating than Locke who nixes the idea. Locke demands Ben tell him who the Boat People work for. They arrange a deal. In a hidden safe there’s a tape of Charles Widmore beating an Other he caught. The boat is his and he’s trying to find the island to exploit it. Yeah, we’ll buy that. Ben shares a dossier on Widmore. Locke asks who is Ben’s man on the boat. He should sit down for the answer, which is given off screen, thank you very much.

After Charlotte and Dan head off into the jungle, Harper appears to Juliet with a message from Ben. The two are headed towards the Tempest, an electrical station that powers the island. All inhabitants will die if they reach it. Ben wants Juliet to kill them. Kate stumbles on Charlotte and Dan and for her troubles is lied to, then bonked over the head. The J’s find her. The gas masks in Dan’s bag concerned her and make Juliet high tail it to the Tempest where there’s one minute until contamination. Dan insists he’s trying to render the gas inert so Ben can’t use it against them like he used it in the past. Juliet knows if they wage war against, Ben, he’ll win. Ben also knows her feelings about Jack, which don’t make his future look uneventful. Best line: “She seemed kind of hostile, even for a therapist.”


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