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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson

Locke reveals to his group that the Chopper Gang is there for Ben. But yeah, “we kinda like knew that forever ago.” Once they have Ben, they’re ordered to kill everyone else on the island. And the spy on the boat is Michael. Locke’s not concerned with the 3 million dollar deal since there doesn’t appear to be a bank on the island but Miles know Ben gets what he wants. Ben sends Alex and Karl to the Temple sanctuary where the other Others already are. Danielle goes with. En route, Karl starts to wonder if it’s a trick and is shot. Danielle’s survival skills let her down and she’s taken out too. Aw, bummer. We liked you, you crazy French chick. Maybe the bullet hit something in her backpack. All Alex can do is surrender to the unknown.

Sayid confronts Michael who says he (Michael/Kevin) is on the boat to die. That’s not good enough. He better do some ‘splainin. When he left the island, the guilt was too much for him and he tried to kill himself by listening to Mama Cass or driving into a dumpster. Didn’t take. In the hospital, he thinks he sees Libby, but she’s an hallucination. Probably. He’s given Walt to his mother to care for and she refuses to let him see his son. He pawns Jin’s watch in exchange for a gun. This suicide attempt is interrupted by Zeke/Tom who’s keeping tabs on him and says the island won’t let him kill himself. He’s ready to try again when the 815 wreckage is shown on TV. This is the last thing he wanted to see in life? The news?) He seeks out Zeke who explains the plane wreckage was staged by Widmore so no one will find where the plane really ended up.

Zeke wants Michael to go undercover on Widmore’s freighter and as a way to redeem himself, to kill the Boat People before they kill everyone on the island. He’s unsure when he meets some of them who seem like decent sorts but then he sees a target practice and is made fun of so he opens the crate delivered to him and detonates the bomb inside. Not so fast Blofeld. A note pops up that says “Not yet.” He receives a phone call from Ben who says there are still innocent people on board and he won’t kill them. Michael’s to make a list of names and disable the radio and engines so the boat never reaches the island. Hearing this, Sayid drags him to the Captain and tells him Michael’s a traitor.


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