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Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost: Ji Yeon

Regina’s looking harried and is reading upside down. The lima beans are only part of the little problem in the ship’s kitchen. Someone slips Desmond and Sayid a note through the door that warns them not to trust the Captain. On this show, that’s a given. They hear some nonmechanical clanging. No one tries to help as Regina, weighed down by chains, jumps into the ocean. The Aussie Captain introduces himself to Desmond and Sayid. The crew has cabin fever or is too close to the island. Since a saboteur has messed up the engines, they’re stuck. He has the black box (or burnt orange, really) from 815, recovered by a salvage vessel along with the plane’s wreckage and all its passengers. One question he wants to ask Ben is where does one find 324 dead bodies to stage a fake plane crash? Desmond and Sayid are taken to a room that looks previously used for an execution or suicide, Kevin Johnson is called to mop up the blood stains. Kevin = Michael with a better haircut.

Sun decides she and Jin would fare better with Locke and asks Juliet for more prenatal vitamins. Juliet didn’t hop off the boat yesterday and warns her not to trust the other group but Sun doesn’t trust Juliet either. Juliet knows Sun has 3 weeks before an unpleasant death and tells Jin about the affair. He’s devastated until Bernard invites him fishing and says even though Rose has cancer, she’s staying with Jack’s rescue-hoping group because Locke’s a murderer. If you make bad choices, karma will make bad things happen. Guess nobody told Harold Kushner. Somehow Jin realizes he wasn’t the best of husbands and had Sun’s betrayal coming. Guess that means it’s okay for women to cheat if their husband is hotheaded and inattentive.

In the flash forwards, a heavily pregnant Sun calls for an ambulance to take her to the hospital where she has a baby daughter. Jin’s still irascible, so it’s obvious he’s in flash backs, and is out buying a panda for Mr Paik’s grandson. Hurley visits Sun and baby, asks if anyone else is expected. She says no. Way to be supportive, rest of Oceanic 6. Hurley and Sun drop by the cemetery and Jin’s grave whose headstone has a death date the same day as the plane crash. So is he really dead?


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