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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lost: The Constant

Flying to the boat in the chopper, Desmond expects answers. We had a good laugh over that one. A storm or turbulence disorients him. Upon landing, he’s taken to sick bay where Dr McCoy hypos him. No, wrong show. In the next bunk is the former communications officer, Uhuru, or George, who was taking calls except for those he was ordered not to: the ones from Penny. Two days previous someone sabotaged the equipment and they lost communications. Sayid works on a patch while George, suffering from a more advanced case of whatever Des has, dies. Sayid rigs up a phone so Des can call Pen. She’s been looking for him for 3 years, knows about the island, spoke to Charlie. And Desmond’s memory is jogged.

During this mess, Juliet wonders why Charlotte isn’t worried they lost contact with the chopper. It’s complicated but if Dan talks real slow, they may be able to follow. There are side effects to leaving the island. Their perception of time isn’t correct. Electromagnetic exposure could cause confusion. Dan talks to Des (while he was in sick bay in paragraph one) and makes sure he goes to Queen’s College in Oxford in the past to find him working there as a professor.

In the time travels, Des returns to his unpleasant army stint. He has two days leave and wants to see Pen but broke up with her and she’s moved. He finds Dan at Oxford and says, “I think I’ve just been to the future.” Dan suspects a prank but Des knows about Eloise. She’s the lab rat who expertly finds her way through a maze that Dan teaches her in an hour. Time travel, though, causes her death, probably because she has no anchor, something familiar in both times. Des figures he’ll use Pen as his anchor but her number has been disconnected. He finds her father at an auction where bids are taken on the Black Rock’s first mate’s journal and gets Pen’s address. She’s trying to make a clean break but he in eight years he’ll need to call her and memorizes her number and we’re back to paragraph one. Best line from an internet viewer: “The one constant is that every Desmond episode rocks!”


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