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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A good catch

Movie: Fever Pitch. We here living in Western New York understand all too well what it’s like to back the proverbial loser teams. Mention the words “wide right” or “no goal” to one of us and you may be in for a two hour tirade. So when the Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series last year, I was happy for them but happier for their longsuffering fans. The Standells song over the opening credits sets us up for a fun and funny chick flick with a little baseball thrown in so the guys aren’t sweetened to death by the sap. Based slightly on Nick Hornby’s book of the same name about a British man obsessed with a soccer team which was already made into a movie in England, but we all know how short of ideas Hollywood is. Drew Barrymore is looking very svelte these days. This movie was supposed to be have a different ending, but during its making, the Red Sox did the unimaginable and won, so some rewriting and scrambling was done. While I know little about baseball and tend to reside on Jupiter, I laughed every time they mentioned “Bucky Friggin’ Dent.” Otherwise: “It was Florida, it was hot.” “Was it spongy?”


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