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Friday, September 30, 2005

Lost: Adrift

Lost 2.2. Originally shot as a Sawyer episode but changed at the last minute to focus on Michael which may have been what made it disjointed and full of backtracking. This hour should have been attached to and part of the premier so things would have run smoother. Oh well. Desmond may be living in the bunker alone after all, but waiting for either a replacement or a roommate or a snowman. Locke’s willing to be anyone, and tries to explain the Lostaways story but according to the tick marks on the wall, Desmond’s been there a lot longer than 44 days and doesn’t have much sympathy. He also can’t figure out why the Lostaways aren’t sick or ill or dead. Kate discovers the dharma logo all over the pantry as well as some candy bars that may have been destined for the Apollo space mission. Ever resourceful, she hoists herself into the air duct and goes in search of an exit. Jack trips the security system which may be what prompts the computer beeping and counting down. When it’s reset, it goes back to the number 108. Desmond must know Danielle since she appears in his mural. I loved his chuckle when Locke mentioned a raft. We learned Locke took off his shoes so they wouldn’t squeak across the floor. And Desmond appears to call all men “brother.”

Now back to Crochet Today. No, that was just a commercial. As for the Rafters, being in the water all that time made Sawyer’s hair shrink. Mike was once hit by a car and required several surgeries which Susan paid for. He also once gave a stuffed polar bear to Walt. No idea how Walt and his mom ended up in Australia when they were moving to Rome. I’m with Sawyer, how about a little gratitude for saving Mike’s life? Instead he blames Sawyer for everything and they bicker for too long. Sawyer’s been winged and manages to extract the bullet on his own and Michael not only doesn’t even have a bandaid, he splashes salt water in the wound. Ouch. Sawyer figures the Walt-nappers boat wasn’t build for the open ocean so they must have been on the island, and are in fact The Others who had been after Walt all along. Way too harsh of Mike to tell Sawyer he had no idea what it’s like to care about somebody else. At least he shot the dharma stamped shark which I doubt was a real shark at all. By morning, the tide brings them back to the island where they run into Jin who’s trying to escape from some makeshift spear wielding crazies. My guess: they found the part of the island with the disease.

Otherwise, nice roll of eyes there Claire. I thought she was making a statement about Jack trying to be the hero again, but she was really annoyed at Charlie for making another joke and being evasive. Charlie thinks the Mary statute may come in handy some day. Perhaps to hit someone over the head with rather than how he’s thinking. The best line went to Sawyer for: “At least Walt is on a boat probably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of cocoa.” It was the southern accent on the word cocoa that made me laugh. Next up: we’re all gonna die!


  • At 7:25 AM, October 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Since Hurley said the same joke: what does one snowman say to another snowman? last season, chances are Hurley is "him."


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