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Friday, September 23, 2005

Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith

Lost 2.1: We could have done without the pregame show Destination Lost, although it did bring a few things to mind. Is Rose’s husband still in the bathroom? Walt has had quite the growth spurt. Will they explain that by his special powers? Did Sawyer draw his gun first? The quotes: “everything happened for a reason” and something like “Locke will save us all” stood out. As for the season premier, well now, who is Desmond when he’s at home? He appears to follow the same daily or nightly routine in his underground lair or biodome. His technology is stuck in the 80s and his supply of antibiotics or antibodies or whatever serum he was injecting has the serial numbers of The Numbers. His mural included 108, all the numbers added up, and 42. His bottle of Febreeze was either a continuity error or he gets out more than it seems. As he told Jack in a flashback, he was almost a doctor and was training to run around the world. His proximity has miraculously cured two paraplegics. His accent is a mix of Scottish and possibly South African. All I know about this guy for sure is he didn’t appreciate Locke dropping in, although Locke graciously took off his boots. The biodome appears to be the same as the one in Hurley’s comic book. Is it quarantined to keep the germs out or in? Is this biodome running the island’s security system? Does it have multiple hatches? Are the barrels full of toxins? Does it contain a magnetic field that caused the plane crash? Who is the second bunk for? Desmond’s clone? His backgammon opponent?

As for the rest of the Lostaways, Kate is making time with Locke, perhaps because Jack’s bedside manner sucks. Jack seemed annoyed at having to explain to Sarah her condition. Good on his father for correcting him. So Sarah’s miraculous recovery is what drew her and Jack together into marriage. The man she hit, Adam Rutherford, may have been Shannon’s father. He died at 8:15. Was Jack the only doctor there and chose to work on Sarah and let Adam die? Way to go. Is Dom’s hair sun bleached or dyed? Shannon has lost the dog and her hairbrush. Hurley lost a lot of weight in two minutes. He also seems to have lost 42 million dollars since last season. Kate got the shaft. The best quote once again goes to Hurley for “The Others are coming to like eat us and all and once in a while someone blows up all over you” although Dom was a close second with “The French woman is missing a bloody wingnut.” Enjoyed the Mama Cass song. Next up: whatever happened to the Rafters.


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