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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mind the Icelandic band

I’m also waiting the hopeful fall CD release from an Icelandic rock band called Touch. They began in Spring 2001 when drummer Kópur was asked by his brother to play at a hotel dance. He didn’t have a band but called up friends singer/guitarist Böddi and bassist Einsi to join him. They enjoyed the gig so much, they decided to keep going. In July 2002 guitarist/high school friend Danni joined and they began working on original music which is described as soaring melodic rock tunes with driving beats. From what I’ve read, these guys need to be experienced in concert. Böddi, in addition to being a powerful singer and the band’s lyricist, is a tall, muscled blond with gelled hair and a penchant for Hawaiian shirts. On stage, he has a tendency to go crazy with unrestrained enthusiasm which includes back flips and contortion acts. “Böddi, often jumps from tables and croons to anyone who will come near him,” said the Grapevine. An excitable boy, he’s thrilled to have been hired as an extra in Clint Eastwood’s next movie Flags of Our Fathers that is being filmed in Iceland, although from the following quote he needs to check with Ricky Gervais as to the definition of “extra.”

“It has become clear that I am becoming a movie star… The part is called ‘an extra.’ I’m not quite sure what that means but I’m pretty positive it means I’m getting the leading role!! I better get out to a real estate agency and buy my self a house with a pool and a tennis court.”


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