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Sunday, December 18, 2005

When will I be loved?

Movie: Must Love Dogs. What tried to be a romantic comedy but instead borrowed every cliché available and ended up with a dull and slightly immature script for discussing “mature” (meaning over 40?) relationships. Which is a shame because Diane Lane and John Cusack are appealing and have performed excellently in other better written and directed movies. I didn’t think it was as horrible as many reviews stated, just nothing special. And some things confused me. Starting with Lane’s family feeling it necessary to perform an intervention because she hadn’t dated for 8 months. 8 months? Like that was a major crisis! And I couldn’t figure out what spurred these people to date at all besides hormones and an aversion to loneliness, which is what everyone is looking for in a mate (sarcasm mode here.) I may have zonked out or gone brain dead at one point because Lane’s reasons for being angry with Dermot Mulroney also escaped me. The one thought provoking question this film does ask, though, is why “mature” men want to date young girls who don’t have many cultural experiences (in this case not being able to understand Dr Zhivago.) It seems it would prove annoying as all get out, but maybe it makes men feel superior and intelligent. And that’s what’s really important. Where this movie lost major points for me was in adding Cheryl Crowe to the soundtrack. Whoever told this woman she could sing was severely deranged. Her half note off key voice is an assault to my ears! Please, someone lock the studio doors before she tries to record again!


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