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Friday, December 02, 2005

Lost : What Kate Did

Lost: 2.9. While arguing over who has more faith, Locke and Eko forget to enter the numbers in time and the hatch explodes which sets off a chain reaction of explosions in the 815 other hatches on the island and the entire island explodes, killing everyone on it except for baby Aaron who’s seen in the last shot floating away in his cradle. Or, we learn that when Kate found out her obnoxious abusive creepy stepfather with horrendous taste in music was really her father, she faked a gas leak and blew up his house, with him in it. What a gal! My problem with her stated reasons for doing this, being that she wanted to kill the part of herself that was like this man, is that, first of all, since her mother was the one being abused, her mother was the one who needed to take responsibility for fixing her own life. Secondly, there’s no way killing someone is going to make you a better person, or take away the bad parts of your personality. Seeing a horse and a seemingly possessed Sawyer on the island made Kate think she was going crazy, but me and my cat think she was already “a few picnics short of a summer.” And leaving the button unattended was the height of irresponsibility. But I did appreciate her choosing the song “Walking After Midnight” as that song is often on my mind.

I also highly appreciated a shirtless Jin who just looks better every week. Thumbs up, indeed! I didn’t understand what Ana Lucia was doing. Burying something it seemed, but what? Her ego, we can hope. Michael notices the hatch has blast doors in case of an explosion. It’s video night on Crap Island so Locke shows him and Eko the not exactly Oscar worthy Dr Candle film. Michael’s full of questions, like what about the missing sections? Locke doesn’t think they’re anything important. Let’s all laugh at that one! Eko shows Locke the Bible he found in the arrow hatch. After telling him a curious and timely story of the Temple being rebuilt, he shares the contents of the Bible with Locke. Oh look, it’s the missing section of the video. Or one of the missing sections. When spliced back in, it informs us that trying to use the computer to communicate with the outside world is forbidden because it could compromise the integrity of the project (whatever the project is) and lead to another incident (whatever the incident is.)

Michael heard none of this but he did hear the computer beep a strange hello. The typist appears to be Walt but I don’t know how this show expects me to believe anything it shows me. In the meantime, Sawyer perks up. I’ll be grateful for his returned sarcasm. Eko warns Locke about the difference between coincidence and fate. But they really needed to be asking themselves who cut out the piece from the filmstrip and why? And why does Candle appear younger in the missing section? In a way, this show seems like a scavenger hunt: Find the Black Rock and retrieve the sweaty dynamite. Find the second hatch and retrieve the lost section of film. Kill a wild boar/polar bear/monster. Build a raft and try to escape. Hike across island to return to base camp, etc. Why didn’t the airbag on Kate’s side of the car inflate? I’m also still confused why the Marshall was so antagonistic towards Kate. I blinked and missed Sayid being arrested on the television at Kate’s father’s recruiting office. Best line: “This place is crazy and it’s driving me nuts” from Kate. Welcome to Fandom. Next up (January 11th??!!) Eko meets the monster.


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