The Universe and Me

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

24 : 7 - 8 a.m.

6.2. Free, Jack calls CTU and begs them to call off the air strike against Assad. Do they ever trust him, even though he’s always been right? Heck, no. So Jack hurries to the target and warns Assad to get his men out before they’re blown up. There’s a transponder (transponder? Wasn’t that Chandler’s job on Friends?) on one of the men. They run just as the building is blown up. On an aerial frame enhancement of the site, Chloe notes Jack and informs Bill who realizes they better look for Fayed too.

Ahmad’s received a call to retrieve the package hidden at his house. Pal Scott wants to give him a good luck necklace but Ahmad isn’t ready for that kind of commitment. A vigilante starts to beat up Ahmad who shoots him. Although he’s cut up, Ahmad refuses to go to the hospital with Scott because Scott can’t pronounce his name properly. Accchhkmad. Tell it to Björk, pal. The president’s sister Sandra (pronounced Saundra) who works for the IAA is none too pleased when the FBI arrives and demands the files ASAP. When they can’t find them, Sandra admits she erased them so they arrest her and her co-worker/boyfriend.

Jack follows Fayed’s Bomber Guy on the subway. In a clever move to avoid paying the fare, he tells Ticket Taker Man he’s a federal agent hunting down a bomber. He stops Bomber Guy from hitting the detonator the first time. As Bomber Guy tries again, Jack’s massively powerful thighs come in handy once more as he kicks him out of the back of the train, onto the tracks. Cue explosion. Ever alert, Chloe intercepts a call of Fayed’s where he admits he’s behind the day’s attacks. Best line of the hour: President Wayne’s: “This is gonna get much worse.”


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