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Thursday, January 11, 2007

We decide which is right

Movie: The Illusionist. I see the blog has been ailing. Let's hope it starts to recover. Here's another movie that, before watching, I didn't have high hopes for. It seemed to be previewed on a lot of DVD's this past year. That amount of hype is never a good sign and didn't look interesting. So I was pleasantly surprised to like it and find it extremely well crafted and acted. Mostly a love story. With some magic and conjuring tricks that I had no idea how he did. (Finding out would have spoiled them, so unlike the policeman, I didn't want to know.) What was going to happen at the end seemed clear to me throughout most of the film, but didn't ruin the suspense of the plot. The royal intrigue was a nice addition but I wasn't sure whether the crown prince was politically evil. We saw evidence of it in his personal life, but there wasn't an explanation I heard (I may have missed it) as to why he wanted to overthrow his father. Perhaps his father was even worse. And this from me, who never gives anyone the benefit of the doubt. I highly recommend this movie. A wonderful feel & ambiance from the Victorian Era that is captivating.


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