The Universe and Me

Friday, January 19, 2007

24 : 9 - 10 a.m.

6.4. President Wayne wants Jack to take charge and lead the search but Jack doesn’t feel up to it. He does sick Chloe on finding out what’s the deal with Curtis and Assad. Whoever the Nuclear Engineer prisoner is, he escapes with a suitcase. Fayed and Company are in possession of a rogue nuclear weapon manufactured by the formerSoviet Union. Fayed had the weapon as of last Thursday, so it’s clear he needed Nuclear Engineer to reprogram the trigger and make it functional. To reprogram the trigger, Engineer needs Ahmad’s device which Ray has. Ray wants his family released first butAhmad wants to play Sophie’s Choice. When Ray chooses his son, Ahmad realizes he values Scott over his wife Jillian, so he releases Jillian instead. There goes that marriage.

Off Ray goes to Old Mill Road in Valencia. Jillian calls 911 and ends up patched through to CTU where Morris insists he has no lingering jealousy about any films Milo and Chloe may have seen in the past. Sure. I thought I heard someone say they needed to callCarol Channing and laughed for several minutes, probably missing extremely important dialogue. Sandra/Saundra is released but boyfriend Walid is held. He hears some of his fellow prisoners whispering and figures they know something. Why Walid can’t speakArabic eludes us but he makes sure Sandra/Saundra passes on the phrase. Ray delivers the component without realizing that when someone has a gun to your head, you don’t tell him, “You’re insane.” Fayed orders Scott’s death.

A CTU team storms Suburbia house. Ahmad is shot and dies en route to the hospital. Scott gives them the Valencia address. Chloe finds out that Curtis was part of an Army special battalion squad ambushed by Assad. Unable to deal with the US giving Assad a pardon for cooperation, Curtis puts a gun to his head. Well, what can we say? It seemed out of character that he couldn’t wait to see how the day played out. At least we won’t have to spend the entire season worried Curtis will be offed. Jack takes care of him and saves Assad. But Engineer hits the detonator and a nuclear bomb takes care of Valencia. Though seemingly close, Jack appears unscathed. The Arabic phrase is something about there being four more nukes. Line of the hour: “There’s you, there’s us, there is no we.”


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