The Universe and Me

Thursday, January 18, 2007

24 : 8 - 9 a.m.

6.3 Fayed’s 110 Freedom Fighters/Enemy Combatants/Prisoners are transferred to a plane without a headcount. One of them does the old hide-in-the-bathroom trick and escapes. Jack and Assad, in separate (need I say stolen?) cars, trail the Handler. Jack smashes into Handler so Assad can offer him a lift. Assad leaves his cell phone open so Jack and the gang back at CTU can monitor the trip. Just swinging by, Curtis picks up Jack. He holds no quarter for Assad. No dimes either.

Ahmed asks Suburban Dad Ray to exchange the package for a component. Scott grabs a butter knife from the kitchen. I have in my notes, “Is the logic thrown completely out of the window?” but I don’t remember if a character said it or if I was thinking it. Probably both. At the component shop, the package proves to be full of money, but not enough for the component. So Ray does what apparently every average guy whose wife and kid are being held at gunpoint would do. He hits the seller over the head with a lamp and proceeds to bash him to death.

Assad drops off Handler at a storage warehouse. When the Handler spots CTU sneaking around, Curtis shoots him but he’s still able to blow up the place with a grenade. Jack recovers a laptop for CTU. It’s mostly toast but Chloe recovers a page and a half of its hard drive which lists components for a nuclear device. Somehow this leads them to one of the prisoners being released for Fayed. Numer? Namir? Nemir? I must have been tired because my notes for this hour are sketchy. And I wasn’t even flipping to The Golden Globes. Best line: Chloe’s “It’s your character flaw, not mine.”


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