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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

From the: How lazy do we have to be? files

I'd heard of the robotic roomba type vacuum cleaners for carpets and floors indoors. Yesterday while reading This Old House, I saw a blurb about robotic lawn mowers. You set them outside and they do all the work for you, providing you have the cash to buy one. Sadly, I don't. If you Google robotic lawn mowers, you can get an idea of their prices and what each type is capable of. They're quiet, lightweight, batterey powered, so all you have to do set up a perimeter (much like on 24) and press the Go button. Other features:

A cutting method much healthier for the lawn.
Valuable nutrients return to the lawn. (Grass is cut into very small clippings buried in lawn roots where they decompose and act like natural fertilizer, giving you a better looking lawn and no need to collect and remove clippings.)
Trims up to walkway edges and around flower beds and swimming pools.
Identifies trees, rocks and obstacles.
Environmentally friendly (No Gas, No Oil, No Emissions)
They mulch better than a traditional mower due to a Triple-Chamber-Mulching system.

Check out the Robomower
And the Lawnbott

Crazily enough, something called an Aquabot also exists. This is a pool cleaner vaccum that automatcially cleans your pool.


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